Zambia Delivery

Worried whether sending cargo to Zambia will burn a hole in your pockets? Well, you’ve nothing to fear when Cargo Senders is here. We’ll get your package delivered to Zambia at the least possible cost, far far less than those charged by our competitors.

Entrust us with your package addressed to Zambia as we are not only a penny pincher but swift and secure too. Your parcel will arrive at the designated location in the least possible time.

We’re striving day by day to enhance the quality of our service. Give us your package and get it delivered with the same quality. You need not worry about the abrasions that may occur while shipping. We’re here to take care of it. Your package is in the safest hands.

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What Items Can You Send?

So, what all items can you send to Zambia? Cargo Senders will help you send any items to Zambia other than those restricted by the time to time trade policy reviews proposed by the trade policy review body of the World Trade Organization for the Government of Zambia. This is done as per the guidelines of the Marrakesh Agreement of 1994.

According to the recent policy review notification, you will require an SPS certificate to send unprocessed agricultural products to Zambia. In addition to that, you will need an import license to send pharmaceuticals, automobiles and products made of Sugar. 

What We Offer

We offer an economic and efficient cargo service to Zambia from any part of the world.

We back all the goods that we deliver with a detailed invoice to avoid any complication during cargo delivery to Zambia.

We are highly quality-conscious and we will deliver your package safe and secure to the desired location in Zambia.

How to Use The Services of Cargo Senders to Deliver Goods to Zambia?

You can access the service of Cargo Senders by following the three simple steps mentioned:

Sending Parcel

Contact us to get a quote and make the payment. You can contact us by phone during business hours or via a booking form available on our website.

Drop-off/ Collection

Pack your material adhering to the standard packing guidelines and keep it ready to dispatch. We will take the material from your doorstep if you've opted for it. If not, you have to bring the packed material to the designated dispatch location.

Have it Delivered

We're known for our speed. Your package will be delivered to Zambia as soon as possible. We strongly recommend you regularly track your package until it is delivered. You can do so through our site.

Best Rate For Sending Parcel to Zambia

We are the most cost-efficient cargo service that you can opt for to send cargo to Zambia. We offer quality service at the lowest possible rate. We are available, affordable and accessible by everyone who wishes to send cargo to Zambia from anywhere in the world.

However, it is to be noted that the shipping charge of the package that you’re sending to Zambia will be determined by its weight and volume.

Essential Information For Sending a
Package to Zambia

You are supposed to double-check your package and ensure that you are not shipping any material prohibited by the trade policy of the Government of Zambia.

We will generate a detailed invoice of your package addressed to Zambia as soon as you make the payment. Ensure that you keep the invoice along with other documents in the package to ensure hassle-free delivery.

Ensure that the address slip has the details of the receiver as well as the sender written or printed clearly.

You're supposed to provide the true details of the item being shipped to Zambia in the customs declaration. Also, don't forget to mention the contact details of both the sender and the receiver in it.

You are advised to pack your item reasonably depending on the weight and nature of the item. That is, if the item is soft or valuable, please pack it in a wooden box.

It's always desirable to keep the address label in a polythene layer so that it won't get damaged. Also, try keeping an additional label so that your goods can be smoothly delivered even if the primary label gets damaged.

You can track your package through our website and you're advised to do so till you get the confirmation of delivery.