USA Delivery

With our galactic framework of integrated services and a colossal catalogue of resources spread all over the world, we will help you send any cargo to the USA from the UK or anywhere. 

Speed is our Pole star. Whatever material you entrust us with, we will deliver it within the least possible time.

We’re not only time-efficient but also quality conscious. Quality is our trademark. Your materials will be delivered to the US with utmost care and will have negligible to null abrasions caused due to congestion, collision or shock damage during shipping.

Moreover, we’re the most affordable cargo service to the US from the UK or anywhere in the world that you were looking for. We’ll deliver your cargo to the US by charging the least possible cost that is much much lower than any other cargo service.

We’re constantly improving. By collecting valuable feedback from our customers, we invest them in our service enhancement. We’re constantly striving to develop strong relationships with our customers and try to understand each of their problems and aspirations so that we can bring in a customer-centric approach to our services.

What Items Can You Send?

Cargo Senders will help you to send any type of cargo from the UK or anywhere in the world to the US adhering to the import policy orders of the US government. That is, you can send any item that is not prohibited by the competent authority.

What We Offer

Cargo Senders offers you an efficient cargo service to the US from the UK or anywhere in the world.

The package that you entrust with us will reach the desired location in the US within the least possible time as our sophisticated services and resources spread all over the world will beat the clock.

We’re not born yesterday. With our formidable framework of integrated services, we will offer the best possible quality in shipping and delivery.

We’re quality conscious and cost-competitive at the same time. We are quite affordable and you can count on us with any material addressed to the US as we’ll successfully deliver the same with utmost care and precision. 

How to Use The Services of Cargo Senders to

Deliver Goods to the USA?

You have to follow the below-listed instructions to avail the service of Cargo Senders in sending cargo to the US from the UK or anywhere.

Sending Parcel

Request a quote by contacting us by phone or by filling up the booking form available on our website. Then you've to make the payment.

Drop-off/ Collection

Our agents will collect the materials from your doorstep if you have opted for it. If not, you will have to bring the duly packed material to the dispatch area.

Have it Delivered

You will have your package delivered to the US with zero delays and zero quality loss. You're also advised to track your package regularly through our website until you get the confirmation of delivery.

Best Rate For Sending Parcel to the USA

We are venerated for our cost-competitive service to the US from the UK or anywhere in the world. Whatever goods you entrust us with, we’ll only charge a fair and affordable price.

In fact, the price charged by us is far less than those charged by other cargo services. You can trust us. We’re available, affordable and accessible.

However, the charges of sending goods to the US from the UK or anywhere depends on the volumetric weight of the package. You can use our free parcel volume calculator to calculate the same.

Essential Information For Sending a
Package to the USA

While you’re sending a package to the US from the UK or anywhere in the world, Cargo Senders advise you to take care of the following guidelines:

Restrict yourself from sending any package to the US that contains any material or parts of those that are restricted by the import policy orders issued by the competent authority.

The comprehensive invoice generated by Cargo Senders should be kept with other documents in your package. You will get the receipt soon after you make the payment.

Reasonable packing of materials addressed to the US is expected from your side.

While packing brittle items, use packing materials that have twice the volume of the item packed.

High-budget gadgets and electronic devices such as televisions and computers shall not be packed in a delicate box.

After placing the materials in the box, if you find that there is any gap, please fill it using rags, newspapers or bubble wrappers.

Materials such as chocolates are highly vulnerable to the damages caused by shipping. So please keep this in mind while packing.

Always have the name and address of the sender as well as the receiver along with the correct zip code clearly mentioned in the address slip.

You’ve to take extra care about the address slip. It’s always recommended to keep it covered in a plastic or polythene layer to prevent any damage and inconvenience in delivery caused by the same. You can also keep an extra address slip.

The customs declaration that you provide shall have the real particulars of the items shipped and it shall have the full name and contact details of the sender as well as the receiver.

Our Tools

Postcode Finder

What will you do if you do not know the zip code of the location in the US where you want to send your cargo? Just use the free postcode finder of Cargo Senders. Simply search for the location in the US on a map or search for the name of the location and you will get the zip code of the desired area within seconds.

Parcel Volume Calculator

The volumetric weight of the cargo that is shipped to the US will determine the shipping charge. The free parcel volume calculator of Cargo Senders is a powerful tool that will calculate the same and give you an estimate of the shipping charge beforehand.

Restricted Items

Make sure that you do not send any material or parts of those whose import is restricted by the trade policy of the US.