Drop-off Services

It’s natural that you may be preoccupied with work and the collection time may be slightly off from your usual schedule. If you do not want to keep your parcel at your doorstep and leave it for the robbers, choose the most flexible, customer-centric and refined drop-off service of UPS. 

Nine out of ten people in the UK live in the vicinity of a UPS service point. Simply drop your parcel at the nearby service point of your choice anytime and it will be delivered to your beneficiary safe and sound. 

In addition, most of the service points are neighbourhood shops that will be open from early morning till late night. You can drop your parcel off at any time- even if you’re returning home at midnight. 

Collection Services

Send a parcel to anywhere in the UK at lighting speed with UPS. Simply get a quote before the cut-off time, probably early afternoon, to ensure same-day collection and dispatch of your goods. 

UPS is the engine that beats the clock. If you’ve opted for a door to door/ seaport/ airport delivery service, your parcels will be picked up from your doorstep by the agents of UPS. 

Cargo Senders, through UPS, offers one of the most cost-effective collection services. Send a parcel to anywhere in the UK at a reasonable cost through UPS via Cargo Senders. 


Drop-off Services

Sending a parcel worldwide is now a child’s play with UPS. You don’t have to do anything special. Get a quote from us and simply drop your parcel off at the nearest service point. 

Shipping international air frights will require a shipping label. Make sure that you print and attach the labels mailed to you before dropping your parcel off at the service centres of UPS. 

If you miss our service station or you’re unable to deliver it at the pre-designated service point, do not worry. Wherever you are, drop your parcel off at the nearest terminal points of UPS. 

Collection Services

If you’re sending an international parcel through UPS and if you’ve opted for door to door/ seaport/ airport service, your parcel will be collected by the agents of UPS. Utilize Cargo Sender’s quote mechanism to figure out the fastest collection time. 

If you’ve booked your parcel delivery before the cut-off period, your parcel will be collected and dispatched on the same day. 

If you want to delay the collection time, you can simply choose a convenient date after the designated delivery time/day. 

About UPS

The story of UPS is a very long one. It began over a hundred years ago and flourished into one of the world’s largest, most-streamlined and multi-billion dollar international parcel delivery corporation. Adopting customer-centric approaches and recurrent innovations in the field of customer support and efficient delivery, UPS now has over 5,00,000 employees spread over 220 nations all over the world. The most recent innovation by UPS is the launching of a commercial drone delivery system in the US.

An Insight Into The Cargo Services


UPS is known for its sophisticated shipping process. With the use of the latest technology, UPS will deliver your parcel safe and sound to your beneficiary residing anywhere in the world.


Every payment process can be completed online with a secure payment gateway. The detailed invoice that can be used as a customs declaration will be mailed to you.

Constant Innovations

UPS integrates technological developments with delivery services. The commercial drone delivery system launched by UPS in the US is the best illustration of the same.


UPS envisages an eco-friendly courier delivery service throughout the service starting from generating quotes to delivery.


Real-time tracking of your parcel is offered by UPS. Streamlined journey of your parcel along with past, present and anticipated status and complex supply chains in between can be tracked by the UPS tracking service.

Drop-off and Collection Services

Seamless domestic and international drop-off and collection service is offered by UPS. The drop-off locations will be available from early morning till late night and collection services can be availed at a reasonable cost.

International Shipping

Services spread over 220 countries are offered by UPS. Combining incessant innovations and technological advancements, quality-oriented and speedy delivery of your parcel is guaranteed by UPS.

Why choose Cargo Senders?

Cargo Senders work with the most trusted courier services including DHL, DPD, UPS, TNT, FedEx and Parcelforce. We’re the most economic cargo service that charges far less than our competitors. We’re constantly improving and trying to enhance the delivery speed and reduce the delivery costs. 

In addition, we offer a refined tracking system and free tools like a postcode finder and volume calculator. Whether you want to send your cargo via sea, air or road, Cargo Senders is your best choice. Known for our expertise in complex cargo handling, your parcels will be delivered to your beneficiary with negligible to null shipping defects. Whether you wish to ship vehicles, kitchen appliances or even chocolates, Cargo Senders is always there at your service. 

Moreover, we offer seamless collection and drop-off services and offer sophisticated delivery service to Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe, Zambia and other locations in the world. With our galactic framework of integrated services and a colossal pool of resources spread all over the world, we offer you the most efficient, cost-effective and quality-oriented cargo service.  

The lowest price guarantee on deliveries to Europe and the UK

With our sophisticated technology and gigantic pool of resources spread worldwide, we offer you the lowest possible domestic and international cargo delivery service. 

24-hour customer service

We adopt a customer-centric approach and strive to build closer relationships with our customers. We try to understand their problems and aspirations and invest them in our developments and course of action. We offer a 24-hour customer service supplemented by a toll-free number, e-mail support and 24×7 live chat support.

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