UK Delivery

If you are looking for a cost-effective delivery service to the UK, then there is no other cargo service better than Cargo Senders.

We are the engine that will beat the clock. Your package will be delivered to the UK at lightning speed and most importantly, at an affordable price.

Not only cost and speed but we’re also the proponents of quality service. We strive to our fullest to ensure that your parcel is delivered with the same quality that it had at the time of dispatch. There’s absolutely no room for shipping defects at Cargo Senders.

By establishing partnerships with renowned cargo companies like TNT, FedEx, Parcel Force, DPD, DHL, and UPS; your parcel will be safe with us and will be delivered with utmost care and sincerity.

We have a magnificent framework of integrated services and a colossal pool of resources spread all over the world that connects all the major seaports and airports worldwide and combining with our expertise in delivering parcels, will aid you in sending any cargo to the UK with full confidence and peace of mind.

We also possess a sturdy inland delivery mechanism that connects all major seaports and airports of the UK that facilitates inland delivery of goods from and to the UK. Your parcels will be delivered at unimaginable speeds and you don’t have anything to worry about. We’ll take care of the rest.

What Items Can You Send?

Cargo Senders will help you to send any cargo to the UK that excludes any material or parts of those whose import is prohibited by the competent authority that regulates the import and export policies in the UK.

What We Offer

We will help you to send any parcel to the UK from anywhere in the world according to the prevailing trade policies of the competent authority that regulates the import and export policies of the UK.

We ensure that the quality of your package remains the same during dispatch and delivery. We understand that these packages convey a bunch of iridescent emotions and thus we ensure that it is delivered with utmost care.

We offer you a comprehensive invoice that will act as a customs declaration. Also, we adopt a customer-first policy where everything else takes precedence over the needs and requirements of our customers.

We attempt to build strong relationships with our customers so that we can understand their interests and we invest their feedback in enhancing our services.

We also offer you a magnificent tracking system that will help you track your package from our website. You just have to provide the bundle reference number that will be accompanied by the email that will be sent after you make the payment in the reference box on the tracking page of our website. After entering the number, you’ll be able to see a dynamic timeline of your package, its current status and expected delivery time and future delivery formalities if any.

How to Use The Services of Cargo Senders to Deliver Goods to the UK?

We are the most accessible cargo service to the UK. You can easily access our services by following three easy steps:

Sending Parcel

Request a quote and make the payment. You can request a quote by contacting us over the phone or by filling up the booking form.

Drop-off/ Collection

Take your parcel to the nearest drop off location or the dispatch location if you have not opted for door to airport/seaport/door service. Otherwise, we'll take your parcel from your doorstep.

Have it Delivered

Have your parcel delivered to the UK. You may regularly monitor the status of your package through our website.

Best Rate For Sending Parcel to UK

Cargo Senders offers you the most cost-competitive cargo service to the UK. We charge the least possible cost from our customers which’s far lesser than those charged by our competitors.

We’re also constantly improving and we strive to our fullest to enhance our service and reduce the shipping cost in the future.

However, the shipping cost is proportional to the volumetric weight of your package. Through Cargo Senders, you can send up to 500 Kg of goods to the UK.

Essential Information For Sending a
Package to UK

The below-listed instructions may be followed to send a package to the UK:

Do not send any item whose import is restricted by the trade policy of the UK.

Reasonably pack your materials keeping in mind the weight and volume of the same.

Mention the full address, contact details and postal code of the sender and the receiver in the address label.

Make sure that the invoice that acts as the customs declaration has the full contact details of the sender and the receiver.

Take three copies of the receipt generated by Cargo Senders on making your payment. Keep one with you and two inside and outside the package. The invoice kept outside the package will be the customs declaration.

Any leftover gaps after placing the materials in the packing box may be filled with bubble sheets, newspapers or rags.

It's recommended to protect the address label with a polythene layer to avoid any damage to it. You may also keep an extra address label.

You're advised to track your package until it's successfully delivered.

Things to Keep in Mind While Sending a Package to the UK

The shipping charge of sending cargo to the UK is proportionate to the volumetric weight of your package. Use the free parcel volume calculator of Cargo Senders to calculate the same and get an idea of the approximate shipping charge.

Parcel Volume Calculator

Postcode Finder

Use the free postcode finder of Cargo Senders to figure out the exact postal code of the designated delivery location in the UK.

Search for the location in the map or search for its name and you’ll get the correct postal code of the desired location in the UK.

Restricted Items

Please make sure that you do not send any items or parts of those whose import is restricted by the notifications issued by the competent authority empowered to regulate the trade policy of the UK.