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Have you ever wondered how the items that you order reach your location? Or how the items that you ship reach their destination which may be in a different country itself? And it’s not just your package that the delivery service company has to deliver, there are millions of customers around the world shipping about a few hundreds or thousands of parcels every minute to completely different locations around the planet. It sounds complex and confuses you easily right? That’s because it is! Cargo service companies and delivery service companies have spent years designing an incredibly efficient and self sustainable process for shipping goods and parcels without any mishaps because even a small mistake in delivering an item of a customer can lead to a huge impact to their company itself regarding their reputation and reliability of customers on their services. Therefore companies also include various types of innovative features in their services which helps customers to completely understand the process of their shipment and to know time-to-time details on their own without having to struggle. 

What Is Order Tracking?

As mentioned above shipping of items around the world is a very complex process that requires continuous observation at every step of the procedure. So there is a need for various features in websites that can help customers to understand any step of the process with ease. And one of the most important features is order tracking. As the number of items that are being shipped around the world increases the number of shipping routes also increases accordingly, as a result, there is a high possibility of packages getting misplaced or mixed up in the process. Just imagine trying to ship something very important for your client in another country or a gift to your loved one who is far away from you on a special occasion and the item doesn’t get received by them at the correct time and is just lost in the ocean of other items being shipped.

Wouldn’t that be a pathetic situation? In such cases, no one will be in a place to know where the misplaced packages are and how they got misplaced. So to avoid confusion in the first place we have designed the order tracking feature such that customers as well ourselves can easily track the item at any step of the shipment process. Irrespective of whatever modes of transport are involved in transporting the item, it can always be tracked. The tracking feature mainly functions by a GPS and is incredibly efficient and accurate. Customers will not face any type of lag or inaccuracy in the results. Now further in this article, we will tell you how easy it is to use our tracking feature and the reason why it is unique compared to the features of other cargo services/ delivery service companies.

How To Use Our Tracking Feature?

To provide a user-friendly experience for our customers we have taken a lot of time to develop this feature so that customers will not have to waste their time entering a large number of details or finding which button to click after every step etc. We have made this feature available to any customer on the internet through our company website so that customers would not have to wait and call the helpline over and over again to know the status of their item. It is a completely online process that will take not even minutes but only seconds to process. 

To access this feature customers will have to first enter our company website. After entering you will be able to see several menus titled “Home”, “services”,” Other Services” etc. On the top row of the website, you will find a green button with the words “Tracking Order”. When you click that button you will enter a page with the title “Order Tracking”, and under that, you will have boxes where you will have to enter a few details regarding your order. For the comfort of the customers, we designed it in such a way that customers can get the status of their item by just entering three basic details which are your email, order ID, and the Tracking number. After entering the details click the red button with the word “Track”. And that’s it! You will get the status details of your item in a couple of seconds, no waiting in phone calls for hours, no need of requesting anyone to help you, no need of stressing about whether you’re package will reach on time or not, and certainly, no need of searching for a missed item of it has been lost. You can track your item an unlimited number of times and don’t have to pay a penny for doing so.

And that was a few details about our tracking service which is one of the most sophisticated and simple to use tracking features in the current market for cargo services/delivery services. If you still have any queries regarding our tracking service or our shipment procedures you are always welcome to call our customer care helpline anytime. Now here are a few frequently asked questions by some of our previous customers about our tracking feature.



I have forgotten my Tracking number and haven’t noted it anywhere when I placed the order. How can I retrieve it?

You don’t have to worry at all. There are two things which you can do to retrieve your item’s tracking number, we always send the details of the order to the email which you have given us at the time of placement of the order itself, so you can refer to that mail for obtaining the tracking number, or else if you can also contact our customer helpline and tell them your item’s order ID, they will retrieve the tracking number according to that.

Have there been any incidents where such tracking devices have failed to give accurate results?

There have been several cases in the past where a company’s tracking feature had failed to function properly which led to the misplacing of hundreds of goods and it took a few weeks to retrieve and ship all of them correctly to their destination. But such incidents have never taken place in our services as we have always made keen observations to other’s mistakes and have constantly made significant changes to our services to prevent ourselves from making similar types of mistakes.

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