Drop-off Services

Sending domestic parcels is made easy with TNT. If the designated collection time is beyond the scope of your schedule, the flexible drop-off points of TNT will be of great support. Most of the service centres are open from early morning to midnight and you can drop your parcel off anytime you wish to. 

It’s worth noting that about ninety per cent of the people living in the UK has a TNT service point nearby. All the service points of TNT are either grocery stores, supermarkets or retail shops which are easily accessible. You just have to deliver your parcel there and the service centre representatives of TNT will take care of the rest. 

Moreover, you can avail of TNT’s terminal drop-off service if due to any unforeseen circumstances, you will not be able to drop off your parcel at the predetermined service point.

Collection Services

TNT will efficiently deliver your parcel to anywhere in the world within the least possible time. If you’ve opted for a door to airport/seaport/door service, the representatives of TNT will collect the package from your doorstep. 

Simply pack your material in accordance with the standard packing guidelines and attach the necessary documents and keep it ready and the representative of TNT will visit you at the earliest. 

If you have booked your parcel before a cut-off time, your parcel will be collected and dispatched on the same day. Effectively use the sophisticated quote mechanism of Cargo Senders to get to know the earliest possible collection time. 


Drop-off Services

If you are sending an international parcel with TNT via Cargo Senders and the collection time is at loggerheads with the hustle-bustle of your daily life, availing the drop-off service of TNT will be the wisest choice that you can make. 

You may not want to leave your parcel at the doorstep anticipating collection and neither you may wish to hand it over to your neighbour. Dropping off your package at the nearest service station of TNT will be advantageous. 

Sending a parcel online is considerably costly how much ever low it is. You may not want to add insult to injury by opting for collection service and paying extra for that. Choose the drop-off facility of TNT and save for the good. 

Collection Services

Sending an international parcel is now a piece of cake with TNT. After opting for door to seaport/airport/door service, the representatives of TNT will collect your parcel from your doorstep with zero delays. 

Sometimes, you might not be comfortable with the default collection time. If you do not wish to avail the drop-off service of TNT, you can put off the collection time by picking another date according to your convenience.  

If you have booked parcel delivery with TNT via Cargo Senders within the cut-off period, i.e. usually by early afternoon, your parcel will be collected on the same day. 

About TNT

With a delivery experience of over seventy years, TNT is one of the most sought after, performance-oriented and technology-enabled courier service. Based in Hoofddorp, TNT has around 48,000 employees offering streamlined express and freight delivery services. Being a subsidiary of FedEx, TNT draws an annual revenue of around 6.91 Billion Euros and has a global reach connecting more than 200 countries. 

An Insight Into The Cargo Services

Network of People

By linking technological advancements with delivery expertise, TNT offers refined door-to-door cargo services and keep you and your beneficiary connected till the parcel delivery is confirmed. TNT delivers millions of freight consignments and packages every day and all of them are delivered with utmost care with no shipping defects.

Smart Shipping

TNT has launched a versatile tool- my TNT to manage all shipping procedures in a single integrated platform. The fast, free and secure tool is compatible with all devices and can be downloaded from both Play Store and App Store. Create a shipment faster and make recurrent shipments without mechanically filling the form every time. The track and trace mechanism is integrated and it forms an all-in-one integrated interface to manage every single step related to your package.


The fast and green comprehensive e-invoicing system of TNT will enable you to get all invoices online backed by email alerts for all invoices you receive. Moreover, you can access all your invoices anytime from anywhere and save them in pdf/excel format. You can also pay online and forge complaints related to payments and invoice and track the progress of your complaint in real-time.


TNT has traversed entire Europe with over fifty-five thousand road trips per week. Moreover, TNT has a cobweb of resources spread globally that connects over two hundred territories worldwide.

Track and Trace

The sophisticated tracking mechanism of TNT enables you to track your parcel in real-time from anywhere, anytime. Also, the tracking facility is built-in in my TNT tool and you can know the present, past and anticipated status of your parcel anytime at a blistering pace.

Drop-off and Collection Services

Whether you are sending parcels in the UK or worldwide, you can access the formidably crafted, well-connected and flexible drop-off and collection service of TNT. Drop-off points are mostly neighbourhood stores that are accessible and are open from early morning till late night. TNT is also known for its well-connected door-to-door express delivery service. You’ll get your parcel collected from your doorstep and will be delivered to your beneficiary’s doorstep and till the delivery is confirmed, TNT will keep both of you connected. You can also track your package with ease anytime from anywhere.

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