Srilanka Delivery

Sending a package to Sri Lanka is now similar to a fire and forget event where you’ve to simply entrust the package to us and sit back peacefully. Your package will safely reach the location in Sri Lanka within the least possible time. What you’ve to do is to regularly monitor your package and that can be done through our site.

We’re not only known for our speedy delivery but we also establish strong relationships with our clients. We make sure that every client of ours will get personal assistance and take feedback from them. Further, we use their feedback to enhance our service.

Our blood cells are filled with quality consciousness. Whatever package we deliver will be of the same quality as it was during dispatch. Your package will be safely delivered to the desired location in Sri Lanka.

Also, we’re the most cost-effective choice that you can opt for to deliver cargo to Sri Lanka. Our rates are far lower than the service charges of other cargo companies. Shipping cargo to Sri Lanka will no longer cost an arm Cargo Senders is at your service.

What Items Can You Send?

Through Cargo Senders, you can send any item to Sri Lanka in strict adherence to the notifications issued by the Import and Export Control Department of Sri Lanka.

Moreover, we will issue you a comprehensive invoice of your package that is to be kept with it. It will ensure the smooth delivery of goods to Sri Lanka.

What We Offer

Cargo Senders  will help you send any goods that are not prohibited by the competent authority to Sri Lanka.

Your goods are safe with us and will be delivered to Sri Lanka safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about collisions, congestion and shock damage that may occur to your package while shipping provided it is duly packed adhering to the standard packing guidelines. We’ll take care of the rest!

We are also known for our expertise in cargo delivery and your package will be delivered within the least possible time to the desired location in Sri Lanka.

How to Use The Services of Cargo Senders to

Deliver Goods to Sri Lanka?

Just follow three simple steps to avail the efficient, economic and rapid service of Cargo Senders.

Sending Parcel

Get a quote by filling the booking form on our site or by contacting us by phone and make the payment.

Drop-off/ Collection

Our agent will collect your package from your home if you've opted for it. If not, bring the package to the nearest shipping destination.

Have it Delivered

Your package will be delivered to the desired location in Sri Lanka. However, you're advised to regularly track your package through our site.

Best Rate For Sending Parcel to Sri Lanka

Sending a package to Sri Lanka from any location in the world is no longer the monopoly of the rich as long as Cargo Senders is here.  We offer the most affordable cargo service to Sri Lanka at a rate that is far less than those charged by our competitors.

However, it is worth noting that the volumetric weight of your package will directly affect the shipping charge.

Essential Information For Sending a Package to Sri Lanka


You are advised to take extra care ensuring that you do not send any material that is prohibited by the Import and Export Control Department of Sri Lanka.


The customs declaration shall have all the details of the package and shall have your contact details as well as the receivers’


The packing shall be proportionate with the volumetric weight of the package.


While packing a delicate article, make sure that you use packing materials not less than twice the material’s volume.


Please pack delicate items in a strong packing medium like a wooden box. This is to avoid any type of damage during shipping. Items like chocolates are most vulnerable to shocks, congestion, pressure and related damages. Make sure you pack them judiciously.


If you are sending more than one article to Sri Lanka, please pack them in different boxes. You can also keep them all in a single big box. Never tie different boxes together.


Avoid keeping high-value materials such as television and computers in a soft and weak packing medium.


If you are sending electronic goods, it’s always desirable to protect them with an additional layer.


After you have packed the articles, if you find that there’s any gap in the box, please fill it with bubble wrappers, newspapers, clothes or any other suitable material.


Also, ensure that the address label is reasonably protected preferably using a polythene layer. It is always desirable to keep an additional address label as a backup.


We will issue a detailed invoice which has to be kept with the package to avoid any legal hurdles during delivery of the package.


Make sure that the address label has your name, address and contact details along with the receivers’.