Shipping Barrel

Shipping items from one place to the other is a tiresome process so all packaging and shipment techniques have to be very efficient and economical. Customers often use several types of containers for packing their items/goods into, like the universal cardboard boxes, barrels, crates, etc.

Each type of container is used for specific situations which depends on the aspects like the weight of all the items that have to be shipped, the type of items that need to be shipped, the mode of transport that is going to be used for the shipment, etc.

Although each one of the containers has its importance every cargo service company does not ship all kinds of containers due to various reasons. But to provide the best services for cargo shipments we at Cargo Senders ship all sorts of containers to places around the world. In this article, we will tell you more about the process and instructions to be notified while shipping containers of a specific type.

Why Are Shipping Barrels Used?

As mentioned above various types of containers are used for shipping various types of items. And one of the cheapest and most useful ones among them is barrels. Barrels are the cylindrical containers that you may have probably seen many times in fancy bars, water storage centers, etc which are used to ship a large number of items of different sorts at a single shot. Barrels are available in the market in several sizes and types. The most common size for barrels that are used for shipping is the 55-gallon barrel. Although people can opt to choose from different types of barrels like wooden barrels, metal barrels, plastic barrels, etc the most economical and environment-friendly ones are the plastic barrels as they are 100% recyclable, and can be reused many times.

Normally in the case of shipping items using containers like crates or cardboard boxes, there is a need for other resources as well like tape, bubble wrap, etc for the process of packaging them and making them ready for shipment. Whereas in the case of barrels the amount of resources needed is minimal when compared to other containers. And also as we can fit a more number of items in a barrel than boxes it is economically better for customers as they would not have to spend more money on the containers and packaging. In addition to that usage of barrels is better for the company as well because in the cases of groupages shipping more orders can be shipped at once as barrels take up less base area than boxes and as a result, more number packages can be fitted into the carrier. Due to all of these advantages and perks barrels are popular and are preferred for shipments in the cargo service industry.

Things To Be Taken Care Of While Using Barrels For Shipping

It is obvious that there are differences in the sizes and base areas when comparing barrels with normal containers, and also because of the cylindrical shape of barrels, items which are supposed to be fitted inside them have to be stacked one upon the other while always keeping in mind the fact that there should be equal weight distribution to avoid the problem of the barrel losing balance and toppling. So to avoid such mishaps here are a few instructions to follow while packing items in a barrel:

As mentioned before due to the cylindrical shape of the container items will have to be stacked one upon the other in the barrel for them to properly fit inside. So it is important to first sort out all the items that have to be put in the barrel into two major classifications, the heavy and strong ones and the light and fragile ones.
This step is very crucial for the process of planning which items to be placed at the top and bottom of the barrel. After classifying them, but the hard and sturdy items which have the least possibility to get damaged at the bottom of the barrel and slowly work your way up the barrel such that the most fragile and lightweight items which are most prone to damage are placed at the top of the barrel.

And finally after packing all the items in the barrel if there are any empty spaces or if the items in the barrel are moving when the barrel is being shaken try putting extra bubble wrap and padded materials in the voids for better balance and protection to the items for the situations of rough handling to the barrel. As we are one of the leading barrel shipping services in the UK, you don’t have to worry at all about the safety of your package while in shipment and are always welcome to contact our barrel shipment service customers helpline for any queries about packing the items or the status of your package in the shipment.

This will help the fragile items to avoid damage from the heavier items and also as the substantial and cumbersome things are placed at the bottom they will give a good overall balance to the base of the barrel. And for extra protection to the items which are delicate and easily damageable, secure them using bubble wrap and padded materials. Also if there are edible items like rice, flour, honey, etc, or aromatic /chemical items like scents, powders, etc put them in plastic packs and make sure they are properly sealed to avoid leakage of the items which can spoil/damage the remaining contents of the barrel.


Can liquid contents also be shipped using barrels?

Of course. For shipping of liquid contents, it is best to use a metal or wooden barrel to avoid leakage of the liquid. And also in the case of shipment of liquid contents which are considered to be prohibited please note that an authentic government’s permission is required, otherwise, your order will be rejected.

Are there any extra charges for the shipment of barrels?

Not at all. We have tried everything in our capability for making the shipment of barrels the most economical and simple for customers so you don’t have to worry about any extra charges.

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