Although letters and documents seem to be a very small and negligible commodity, yet it is handled with the utmost delicacy from our side because of the surplus orders and the small size. Letters and documents have always been an inseparable part of connecting with people, and therefore we at cargo sender, promise to prioritize the faith of our customers.

Modern business is more virtually handled now and it is at these times that we experience a need for trustworthy delivery service. A business is at the pillar of an effective communication style apart from every other factor. The more the business grows, the more it needs a reliable delivery partner. Cargo sender is willing to fulfill all the business needs for its growth and help to maintain healthy communication in the business environment.

Apart from formal communications, letters and different documents hold utmost priority in some cases and also require to be confidentially and safely delivered to the other side. We at cargo sender understand the needs and priorities of our customers and stay particular to the guidelines provided to us.

Why Cargo Sender?

We understand that sending any letter or document abroad can carry too much stress. What if the letter gets mixed in the pile? What if the letter gets misplaced in the bunch? What if the letter loses the address or gets delivered to a different address? What if the parcel document doesn’t reach the receiver within the stipulated time? Such questions may arise in your mind and even more if you have had any bad experiences before.

We at cargo senders are the most particular about the combination of time efficiency and effectiveness while being pocket friendly to our customers. Each part of our shipment is labeled exclusively so there can be no mistake. We assure the parcel handling, pickup, and delivery mechanism, and the processing is all taken care of with the highest standards set for our customers by our accomplished staff. Our focus is on the satisfaction of each customer with utmost priority and top-level treatment.

Free Online Quotes

At cargo senders, we make it even easier for our customers to get quotes for their parcels in just a few steps. The customer needs to visit our website and fill in the country from where they want to ship and to where. They will also be required to fill in a few details about them, like their name, phone number, and email so that we can approach them if they wish to place an order for delivery. Next, the customer needs to choose the type of service they desire and also fill in the item type.

 We offer 3 different types of services. The customer can opt for letters and documents or choose from different types of items ranging from electronics, vehicles, boxes, barrels, etc.

Here the customer can fill in the dimensions and weight of the final parcel. As shipment depends on the overall weight of products, we require the details of each parcel to decide the quote. Thereafter the customer can get a quote online and hassle-free.

Cost-Effective For Your Letters and Documents

At cargo senders, we opt for groupage of shipment. Groupage shipment saves cost as the consigner only pays the freight for the space taken up by the container. Most of the time, the freight applies on a small piece of the container and therefore we consolidate it with another client. This applies the cost to the whole volume of the shipment. In groupage shipment, we have goods from at least two providers that help us to bring the cost and invested funds down as the cost of shipping is distributed amongst the consignors, and make it cost-effective for our customers.

Even if our customers opt to dispatch only a few items, we at cargo sender welcome that as well to take the advantage of groupage shipment. The parcel shall be safely wrapped and labeled in a compartment with different shipments and permit the customer to divide the cost of the container space with different clients that opt for the same and reduce their expense on cargo.

We Deliver Your Documents and Letters To Far Off Places

If you wish to send your letters and documents far off to any country, we offer our services from the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world to countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Canada, USA, UK, Europe, and anywhere else in the world.

We offer cargo services from Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, and Door to Door also. Our groupage shipment delivery provides a budget-friendly approach to our customers to dispatch their parcels by sitting from one part of the world to anywhere in the world.

We Provide a Hassle-Free and Big Connection
With Our Range Of Couriers

At Cargo sender, we have been associated with some top-notch courier services to provide the best for our customers. Our connections range from FedEx, DHL, DPD, Parcel forces, UPS, and TNT which offer the best cost-effective quotes and easy booking.

We understand that urgent documents and letters may be required to be dispatched at any time of the day due to separate business working hours of different countries. Therefore we make sure our staff and our services are available 24X7 for our customers and no extra charges are demanded at any time.

We are also providing door-to-door service and tracking details for parcel delivery to our customers to make it easier for them to track their shipment. We follow a simple and fast procedure with a quick call and quote information and no automated telephone system.

Letters and documents have been in use ever since and this practice can never come to an end in the future too. Though several things give us an edge over other service providers, we at cargo senders choose to provide the best for our customer satisfaction while being budget-friendly, ethical, fast-working, and reliable practices.

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