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Make Your Parcel Delivery Easy With Cargo Senders

Whether you wish to ship your kitchen essentials, chocolates, vehicles, parcels or documents from the UK or anywhere in the world to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Canada, USA, UK, Europe or anywhere in the world, Cargo Senders will be the best fit. 

We are known for our prowess in handling heavy cargo as well as brittle ones and our expertise in safe, secure and speedy delivery is beyond any explanation. 

With our galactic framework of integrated services and a colossal pool of resources spread all over the world, we will deliver your parcel to the designated location at a faster rate, enhanced quality and reasonable cost. 

We are the most affordable cargo service that you can find as we are constantly striving to make our service more and more affordable. We charge far less than our competitors and offer economic delivery services. 

We work in partnership with the most trusted courier services including DHL, TNT, Parcelforce, DPD, FedEx and UPS. Your parcels will be safe with us and will be delivered to your beneficiary with utmost care.

Dispatch Collection

Cargo Senders offer you a formidable collection service across the UK

In most of the locations, we offer you a same-day collection and dispatch service.

Make sure to book heavy parcels 24 hours before the desired time. Also, you’re expected to extend support for stacking and dumping processes.

The designated time will be determined by your zip code or equivalent and the standard designated time is around early afternoon for most of the locations.

Same-day collection services will be made available provided you book before the designated time.

You may effectively use our quote mechanism to figure out the approximate collection time.

Knowing your collection time will help you make further plans regarding dispatch and anticipated delivery and help you choose among various shipping alternatives according to your convenience and budget.

Collection Time

Scheduling Collection From Another Location

If you want us to collect your package from any other location that is not yours, you are supposed to provide us with the email address and the contact number of the designated nominee who is authorised to act on your behalf.

We will be sending the shipping labels and invoice to your nominee via mail so that they can be printed and attached to the package. 

Similarly, we will also be sending standard packing guidelines as well as other related information to pack your parcel properly and make it ready for collection by Cargo Senders. 

Booking a Worldwide Assortment

While booking an international parcel delivery with Cargo Senders, we offer you a same-day collection service provided you have booked our service before the cut-off time. 

Send parcels to anywhere in the world including India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zambia, UK, USA, Europe and Canada with full confidence and peace of mind. 

We also offer you same-day express delivery services along with a one-day, two-day, three-day and six-day economy delivery service. 

Utilize our quote mechanism to figure out the earliest possible collection time at which we can collect your parcels from your home. Also, you may utilize our versatile drop-off services if the collection time is incongruent with your schedule. 

However, if you want us to collect the package from any other person authorised to act on your behalf, please provide us with the contact number and email of your nominee. The essentials for packing and delivery will be mailed to the authorised person. 

The dimensions of your package are the same as that you've entered and booked with us. Any change in the package measurements may invite additional costs.

Double Checks

While authorising another person to transport your package for you, ensure that:

The designated individual has attached the shipping labels mailed by us properly and two copies of the invoice are taken where one is attached outside the parcel and one is kept inside (customs declaration).

Delivery Documents

Delivery Paperwork

Cargo Senders will mail you all the documents that you require to send a parcel worldwide. You've to simply print the barcoded names, shipping labels and the invoice and attach them with your package.


A detailed invoice showcasing the particulars of your package will be mailed to you. Make sure that you take three copies of the same. One is to be kept for your reference and the other two has to be kept inside and outside the package. The invoice kept inside the package will be for your beneficiary and the other will act as a customs declaration.

Attaching the Shipping Label

Most of the courier services may have an archive encased envelope to attach the shipping label to your parcel. If not, you're advised to stick it with clear tape.

Customs Declaration

A copy of the invoice kept outside the package will be your customs declaration. Ensure that it has the true particulars of the goods that you ship and has full contact details of both the sender and the receiver.

Courier Delivery

We are different from other cargo service providers as we are:

Trusted Courier Services

We work with the most trusted courier services including DHL, DPD, UPS, TNT, Parcelforce and FedEx to offer you a hassle-free courier delivery service.

Signature Required Reaffirmation

Most of the delivery services ask for a mark/stamp from the addressee after delivery. Choose this option if you want us to take the signature of your beneficiary confirming the delivery.

Delivery Time

We usually deliver your package on working weekdays supplemented by three delivery attempts as default.

Ensured Conveyance

On choosing this option, you will get access to our sophisticated delivery services with a cashback affirmation.

Sophisticated Tracking

You can track your parcel regularly until it reaches the designated location directly through our website. Just enter the bundle reference number that you received along with the payment confirmation mail and invoice into the reference box of the tracking page. After entering, you will see a well-streamlined timeline of the journey of your package along with the present status and anticipated delivery formalities pending if any and expected delivery time.