Competitive And Reliable Sea Freight From Cargo Senders

One of the most viable methods to deliver heavy and bulky merchandise to any part of the world is sea freight. Due to an evident monetary decline, a lot of unproductivity in air freight since 2008 was observed, causing all transporters to search for cost efficient ways of delivery and their best option was sea freight ever since.

The second world war brought in great changes and one amongst them was changing sea freight services by bringing forward containerisation. Warehousing was completely striked out as normalised holders were allowed more significant volumes of cargo per vessel by stacking ships.TEU (20 foot identical unit) and FEU (40foot equal unit) compartments are most commonly used for shipping in sea freight forwarding.

We at cargo senders, can assist you with the booking, depending on the size – weight and measurements of the load and we also provide you with an option of LCL (Less Container Load).

The heavy usage of business terms and the way of formulating them can make one stagger. The fact that there are an enormous number of choices to choose from right from the beginning might cause you all the more tension. And then there is documentation too. It might seem complicated but at Cargo Senders, we will make it as simple as it could get and be there to figure this out right from the beginning.

Transporting names,custom receipt, documentation and bill of replenishing are the processes and we will help you with all of it.

Port-To-Port services

  • We have port to port services that work from seaport to seaport
  • Our services are open to your products, where they can be dropped off and we will take care of it and stack them onto the compartments in the ship
  • Before you drop off your products, make sure to attach fundamental documentation to the transfer and in case you need help with anything, the customer assistance team is more than willing to assist you


Door-To Destination Port Services

  • We can organise door to door service if you need immediate assortment from one location to another of your choice
  • Before the transfer is picked up the significant delivery reports should be attached
  • The merchandise will be dispatched and will be picked up at the seaport stop

New To Shipping

Bringing new merchandise into the UK or sending yours to new business sectors is stressful. But who says you have to do it all by yourself? We got you covered.Let us know. We, cargo senders, are here to help you with every step of this process and reach new heights and goals.

An independent freight forwarding organisation that provides an access to transportation services inclusively is what we are, Cargo senders. We provide reliable transportation services and are answerable, offering solutions to all your queries in regards to road, sea or air transportation to and from the UK and complete cross exchanges as well. We strive to achieve and provide you with the best services which makes us have a powerful presence in the market and a stellar reputation along with a staff that makes an effort to give exceptional client support and gratification.

Most perceptive way of delivery throughout the world is sea freight. This is what makes it very predictable that most non mass freight, that is 90%, is moved by compartment ships. It can be considered as an exemplary method for moving huge shipments moving into countries like Bangladesh, Canada, Europe, India, Pakistan, the United states and Zambia.

Arrangement of your worldwide ocean cargo shipments is on us, Cargo senders. The costs are totally dependent on the measurements and size of your shipment. On the basis of the size of shipment, we assign the compartment. A huge shipment will need a FCL- full container load and if the size and volume are moderate, it is bestowed upon you to choose LCL- less container load, where several shipments are filled in one holder. The price is charged by cubic meter.

Worldwide Sea Freight

When a shipment is more budget bound and not time bound, sea freight is quintessential. Also the size of the shipment should be considered before choosing. Heavy things have always been ruled out of air freight which leaves sea freight as an ideal option to send them through the sea from the UK. And if the conveyance doesn’t have to reach its destination in a hurry, then ocean shipment is the perfect choice to save a few pennies.

Ship Economically with LCL Shipments

When air freight and sea freight are compared, sea freight is more affordable and is more assured in case of heavy and worldwide shipments. It can be ensured that using less container load (LCL) shipments brings more incitement.

WIth so much involvement and having stuck around the sea freight services for so long, we bring exceptional transporters for your transfer and then put your load through our premium dispatching lines of the organization.

No matter if you choose door to door or door to port service for your conveyance, we will clear all your doubts and provide you with a clear and simple idea of the process in regard to sea freight

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Getting And Palletising

Depending on your choice, we will either pick your shipment from your house or from the drop off place, we will drop it off at the choice of destination through sea freight

Door To Door

Be it FCL or LCl, we will make sure to drop off your conveyance at your doorstep after custom clearance with the help of experts using our door to door services

Door To Port

After reaching the port, if you choose to send in your own customs specialist, we will leave it off at the appearance port for them to take a look at it and pick it up.


We will make sure to send in the details of where your shipment is from time to time at every stage as frequently as we can

Out Of Measure

In case of a shipment that is over the normal measurements and is of more height or width, we will make sure to provide you with open top compartments, level racks, stages, or refrigerated holders along with important hardware required at both areas of dumping and reloading.


In case of sending any personal items or moving important things, sending via ocean is an ideal method. If it is house belongings that are being moved, we will give you a FCL, and if it's a tiny package we will offer you a LCL. We offer door to door and door to post assistance in case of belongings services. We always plan on giving the best of services which makes us find a well suited estimate holder, complete the compartment stacking and focus on the shipment by organising the holder, after clearing the customs and traditions and is then conveyed to you. Be it transportation of heavy equipment or moving a thing or two abroad and need us to administer your shipment throughout, our FCL is the ideal way to freight forward through the ocean.

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