Road Freight

Shipping of items/goods to various regions around the world is a very complex process that involves the simultaneous collaboration of several people, machines, and procedures. So it is very important to design an efficient and fool-proof process for shipping. As shipping is done worldwide several modes of transportation like airplanes, ships, trucks, etc are used for transporting the goods from one place to the other. The modes of transport that are supposed to be used and the order in which they are supposed to be used is decided based on the distance between the start and end points keeping in mind the fact that we would have to use the simplest and fastest route to make the whole shipment process economical and efficient. In this article, we include the details of a subject called road freight which is majorly used in shipping goods between countries as well as between local regions.

What Is Road Freight?

As mentioned above there is the involvement of several modes of transport for shipping goods around the world. The transportation of goods using road routes is called road freight. Road freight is mostly used in cases where the starting and ending points of the total shipment process are in the same country. We also use it for the shipment of goods in countries like India, Zambia, Europe, Bangladesh, Canada, the United States of America, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. Road freight is mostly done using heavy trucks, minivans, cars, etc depending on the number of goods that are needed to be transported and the total weight of the items. Road freight was mainly introduced for door-to-door delivery as ships and airlines cannot deliver the items directly to your doorstep and it would become a burden to customers to come to the port or airport every time they need to receive a package. 

Shipping Process

Coming to the shipping process, road freight is one of the most easily understandable shipping processes as it involves only road routes. Road freight is a door-to-door process if it is for transportation of goods between two points in the same region and is an intermediate process in the case where shipment between two points situated in different countries has to be done. So in the first case where the shipment is in a single country first of all the package is taken from the customer and scanned for the presence of any prohibited items. Then after all the formal procedures, the easiest and shortest road route is fixed and the shipment process starts and ends when the package is successfully delivered to the receiver. In the second case road freight is an intermediary process. For example, if we want to ship cargo from between the airport of one country and a customer’s doorstep in another country we use airlines for shipment to the customer’s country and then road freight for delivering the package from the airport of the customer’s country directly to their doorstep.

Advantages Of Road Freight

The major advantage when it comes to road freight is that there are fewer chances of delays. In the cases of shipments through sea-routes and air-routes, there will be no possibility of changing the route mid-journey so if there are predictions of any disturbances in the route before starting the shipment the whole process has to be delayed to avoid problems mid-journey. Whereas in the case of road freight there are a large number of routes that can be followed instead in case of disturbances in a particular route. So there is less room for delay. An important aspect of the shipping process is providing the facility of tracking the package to the customer. For the case of shipping using ships and airlines, we at Cargo Senders have provided customers the necessary services for tracking their package at any stage of the process, but there won’t be a possibility for the customer to speak directly to the driver of the shipment. Whereas in the case of road freight customers will receive the phone number of the driver of the shipment vehicle and can contact him if they have any queries. And as the shipment is completely through roadways it is way easier to track the package accurately at any step of the process.

For carefully shipping items, things such as pallets are used. These are mainly used by cargo services to provide balance and stability to the heavier items/larger items in cases of shipments that involve traveling through uneven terrains. Road freight can be used to ship both palletized, non-palletized cargo and even cargo that hangs over the pallets. And compared to the other modes of shipments, cargo placing and packaging is the simplest in road freights. And in addition to all of these advantages road freights are the most economical mode of shipments for customers. This is because of various reasons such as lesser fuel consumption compared to airlines, a minimal amount of planning and workers needed to start the shipment, lower possibilities of delays, etc. Also, we at Cargo Senders have included a service known as groupage services in which your package along with packages of other customers will be shipped together which results in less consumption of fuel, time-saving, lower usage of resources which will overall conclude to a cheaper price for the customer.


What is the average time required for complete shipments through road routes?

The time required is completely dependent on the distance between the sender’s location and the destination point. And also is partially dependent on the weather conditions of the route at that specific moment in the shipment process. But if the conditions are normal the time taken for shipment could be around 24 hours to one week.

Will there be any surety given by the company regarding the package?

Yes. customers will have the facility to avail for a recorded delivery which means that complete details of the package and the steps of the shipment are given to the sender as well as the receiver and the shipment will not be considered to be completed until a signature from the recipient has been taken. And also taking the history of our company into count, we can assure you that your package is in safe hands.