Prohibited Items

People around the world use cargo services for transporting various types of items from several places. They transport several items from letters to automobiles, and as you would have known by now every service is priced based on the weight and the number of days that are available for shipping the item. But there is an aspect which we at Cargo Senders as well as almost every legal cargo service company in the world pay keen attention to, and that is the shipping of prohibited items. Here we will let you know what the whole concept of the prohibited items is actually about.

What Are Prohibited Items?

Prohibited items are basically the things/substances which are not allowed to be shipped into a specific region because of various reasons such as, the item being illegal in that region, the item being a violation of the cultures and customs of the region, etc. Any shipping of such type of items would be considered a criminal offense and can be charged with various types of penalties and punishments to both the shipping service company and the customers. So for avoiding the implementation of such types of illegal activities, we at Cargo Senders have taken immense care and control in maintaining a strict scanning of all the goods that are being shipped by us.

What Are The Items That Are Prohibited?

Although the list of prohibited items depends on the customs of a specific region, a few items are considered prohibited universally through all the countries, here are some of them:

  • Ammunition and weaponry
  • Drugs such as cocaine, heroin, LSD, etc
  • Items involving the use of gunpowder like fireworks
  • Toxic and infectious substances like mercury, cyanide, ebola, etc
  • Both edible and non-edible types of meat
  • Radioactive materials/chemicals
  • Any devices, items related to gambling
  • Endangered species (Flora and Fauna)
  • Explicit and inappropriate content
  • Flammable substances
  • Corpses of any kind
  • Animal fur/organs
  • Fluids such oils, paints, etc


Besides these, there are a large number of chemicals, and things as well which are highly prohibited in many parts of the world, so it is very important to take note of such types of items. We have been doing everything in our capability to ensure a fantastic and safe customer experience by notifying our customers about the precautions to be taken before shipping an item and just as both hands have to work together to clap, customers are also advised to kindly pay attention to such types of details for your own sake.


Measures That Are Taken By Us To Avoid Shipping Of Prohibited Items

To maintain a perfectly legal shipping process we have implemented various types of processes both for the customer as well as ourselves. We ensure that customers give us the complete details of themselves, the receiver as well as the contents of the package to maintain complete knowledge of the total shipping process. We make sure that only the shipments which have all the necessary information are transported.

From our side, we have introduced the concept of recorded shipments which means that both the receiver as well as the sender will have an authentic document that indicates that the shipment is completely legal and that both sides have been satisfied with the service. We also maintain several counters of scanning throughout the shipment process from one region to the other to make sure that the contents of the package have not been manipulated and are completely authorized by the government.

In addition to all of this, we have also included all the details of how to avoid shipping of prohibited items and have also notified the customers through various channels about the consequences of shipping such prohibited items for them to be extra careful.

How To Ship Important Items Which Are Considered Prohibited?

Now here is something out of the normal context. Although items like alcoholic substances, drugs, toxic chemicals, etc are considered to be prohibited some of them are extremely important and are used in various fields of medicine and science. Sometimes such substances have to be shipped from one country to the other in case of criminal investigations as well. So it is necessary that the shipment is allowed in such cases. But as they are prohibited items it is not possible to ship them.

For such scenarios governments around the world have given access to the shipment of such very important prohibited items if and only if both the sender, cargo service, and the receiver have special government authorized permissions which they will give after studying the total situation and concluding whether the shipment is necessary or not. Even if it’s an obviously important situation, if the shipment is done without the government’s permission it will be considered a crime.

Consequences Of Shipment Of Prohibited Items

There are several consequences if caught while trying to ship prohibited items which depend on the level of prohibition and illegality of the specific item. If the item is legal in the sender’s region and is illegal in the receiver’s region, the package will most likely be either returned to the sender stating the reason or will be confiscated/destroyed. If only some of the contents of the total package are prohibited in the receiver’s region then the prohibited items are removed from the package and the remaining items will be shipped. These two consequences are the basic ones.

In the case where the items are highly illegal throughout the world or in the sender’s/receiver’s region the sender along with the package will be reported to the police where he/she will be most likely be facing jail time and a penalty or in the best case scenario we would reject the customer asking him to choose another company for the shipment.

As such that was a bit of information that we at Cargo Services especially wanted to notify our customers about, hoping they would be cautious about the contents they are willing to ship. If you are having any more queries regarding the prohibition of items and the shipment process in extreme situations you are requested to contact our customer service line.