When it comes to saving money on Parcelforce deliveries, aim no farther than the Cargo Senders. We provide you competitive shipping and transportation rates all across the UK and Europe, as well as the option to drop your packages off at the post office or else have them picked up or collected at your home.

Parcelforce Shipping And Product Collection

Cargo Senders provides their customers with good savings on a huge range of services with Parcelforce such as the cost price of delivery services are cheaper than the original price, delivery of huge and heavy parcels and saving your money. 

We collaborate with Parcelforce, just like our other courier delivery partners, however, Parcelforce provides us pace, high quality and convenient delivery services. The company can provide a specific cost and loss cover as a norm because we understand that they are the finest. 

You can have your option about parcel collection from the front door or drop it off at your nearby local post office for almost every Parcelforce service. When you schedule a collection of your parcel, Cargo Senders will let you know all about the necessary paperwork. The only exception would be when you reserve the next day collection service, wherein in this case, the courier will be carrying your labels and tags with them, eliminating the need to print all of them. 

Parcelforce Drop Off Features

Parcelforce allows you to save your time and money just by dropping your parcels off for one of over 10,000 locations of the post office all around the United Kingdom. Worldwide locations are not forgotten either – there are assigned drop off locations from where you can drop off or pick up the parcels on your own by saving money. 

With us, you don’t have to wait and watch for a collection, instead of this you can drop off merchandise at your convenience spot. You can select from more than 11,000 local post offices nearby to gather your product which you’ve dropped off. You have one more advantage, various areas if post offices are open for extended hours of the day.

Parcelforce Tracking

With Cargo Senders, it is simple to track the progress of your Parcelforce packages and parcels. It’s just about a few steps, simply enter your product’s tracking number which our company has provided you with when you made your reservations on our product’s tracking system.

You can see every detail about your transferred packages such as you can continuously track your packages Whenever you want, you will be allowed to see just how far and when your parcel was most recently scanned if you have to include your recipient’s email address while you were placing the order then they will be able to track the packages as well. You don’t have to be concerned in case anything goes wrong, our company’s staff will notify you of the problem and work with you to find the best solution. 

Parcelforce Parcel Restrictions

Even though Parcelforce is very well equipped to handle those packages of almost all sizes and shapes, there are also some restrictions on what else one is sent to guarantee the security of carriage or vehicles. Some basic restrictions are given below –

Your package cannot be heavier than 30 kg, if it’s heavier than the given weight it would come under Parcelforce parcel restrictions. 

Your parcel cannot be longer than 150 cm, big packages are restricted under Parcelforce delivery services.

Here are some other size limitations – when the circumference/girth and length of the packages are added together, they couldn’t exceed more than 300 cm.

There are still some items that are considered dangerous to transport and are not eligible for Cargo Senders delivery services. Our company also refuses to transport the illegal and restricted items. Cargo Senders tend to make delivery and transport simple so that you don’t need to be an expert in shipping with us. This section here will walk you through everything you need to know. 

Below are the following items that are not permitted to be shipped to any of the countries with Cargo Senders.

Parcelforce Services With Cargo Senders

Cargo Senders is an international courier delivery company located in the United Kingdom to make courier deliveries easier all across the world in a very convenient, affordable and accessible way for both businessmen and also the individuals. Our team is focused and determined to offer you high-quality delivery services. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day for your services, if you face any problem regarding your package delivery, our team will help you out. Our experienced transporters and staff work day and night for you including India weekends, business days, Christmas and new years evenings just for you.

International Parcelforce Delivery With Cargo Senders

Although Parcelforce uses the Royal Mails expansive UK network, they also ship to domestic locations along with international destinations all across the globe via the service of Parcelforce worldwide. All the international deliveries take longer than any local deliveries, however, you can be confident that you and the person receiving the parcel will get the same high-quality courier service from Parcelforce as if they were local or domestic deliveries.  

Among the international delivery options are – 

Global Express – the next working day delivery services to the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

Global Values – starting at 4 business days after the clients drop off without any collections.

Global Priority – 3 business days.

Global Economy – Non-Europe international service for 28 days.

Ireland Express – whole night shipping from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

HM Forces – No collections approved specialist service locations.