Letters And Small Parcels

In the modern world, there is a constant need for the transfer of various things which are both virtual and real as well from one place to another throughout the world. Out of all the things that are being shipped the most common ones are letters, parcels, documents. These may seem like very small items which are almost negligible and are not much of a problem to ship to any place around the world, but that is a wrong perception. Every day millions of letters and parcels are being shipped to places around the world each one having a special purpose. We at Cargo Senders have assured customers of safely delivering their shipments to the receivers so we take it as our responsibility to make sure every single item is shipped properly keeping in mind the faith that customers have put in us. In this article, we will tell you about the types of letters and parcels that we ship and why Cargo Senders is the best company you can approach for shipments.

What Comes Into The Category Of Letters And Small Parcels?

As mentioned earlier a large variety of things are shipped around the world every day. Even letters and parcels of different sizes and measurements are shipped. But do all the letters come into a single category? If so how are they classified into and why are they classified? These are some of the questions that customers get frequently.

To get the answer to these questions we must first notify you about why such classifications and types are created. As you must have known by now the number of items that can be shipped at one go depends on the weight of each item if items are of normal weight more number items can be shipped at once otherwise the number decreases which leads to a loss of time and money to the company, as a result, the costs of shipping for heavier items is more than that of the lighter ones.

In the same way, deciding how many letters a carrier can handle depends on the measurements and weight of the letters, which is the reason why mail services classify them into letters and large letters/documents. According to the process which we follow a normal letter has measurements no larger than 240mm x 165mm x 5mm and can weigh up to 100 grams. And large letters can have measurements no larger than 353mm x 250mm x 25mm and can weigh up to 750 grams.

Just like there are classifications for letters, parcels are also classified similarly for the same reason. Parcels are mostly classified into two categories: small parcels and large parcels. In this article the major concentration will be about small parcels so here are the requirements for a parcel to be considered as a small one: the parcel cannot have measurements larger than 370mm x 260mm x 155mm and cannot weigh more than 2 kilograms. 

What Makes Our Letter And Parcel Delivery Special?

At present, there are hundreds of courier services available to the public in the UK for delivering letters and parcels to any place around the world. But for a company to gain the faith of customers and to survive in the market for large periods, there has to be something unique about the company when compared to the other rival companies, and many customers ask us the question “what makes Cargo Senders unique?” or “what’s the specialty of your company?”, well we have the perfect answer for that.

Normally in the UK as you must be knowing already the major courier service available for the public is the Royal Mail which is a government authorized mail service for the shipment of parcels, documents, letters, etc. It was made in such a way that it is affordable to the common man as well.

The Royal Mail charges about 54p for delivery of letters, 73p for larger letters and £2.58 for small parcels. Whereas we at Cargo Senders provide rates which are cheaper than government mail services as a goodwill to our customers. We charge only 41p for delivery of letters which is 24% less than that of Royal Mail which means you can save around 13p by choosing our services, 70p for large letters which are 4% less than that of Royal Mail which means you can save around 3p and £2.15 for small parcels which are 16% less than that of Royal Mail which means you can save around 43p.

As these are one of the cheapest rates for delivery services in all of the UK, customers can save huge amounts of money on a large scale by choosing our company for deliveries and also can be fully confident and reliable in making sure your letters and parcels reach your loved ones/clients on time. And this ladies and gentlemen is the specialty of our company.

How To Avail Of Our Services?

For getting quotes and placing your orders, we have developed our website in which customers can place their shipment and delivery orders online anytime. We have also made sure there are customer helplines available to our customers 24/7 in case of queries related to their orders, our services, or anything else. To place orders or get queries about the delivery rates of letters and small parcels, customers will have to select “Letters and small parcels” in the menu titled “Services”.

There you will have to enter various details related to your item like your location, the receiver’s location, name and phone number of both sender and receiver, item type, service type, dimensions of the letter/parcel, email, postcodes of both sender and receiver, etc. After entering all the details you can click the “Get Quotes” button to get the price details of your order and can then confirm their order and pay the calculated price. And that’s it! Your order is placed and our delivery worker comes directly to your doorstep to take the item. Who would’ve thought it would be this easy for customers to get their items across the world!