Send Anywhere Across the Different Locations with The Best Groupage Shipping from the UK with Cargo Senders

When a shipment does not authorize the choice of usage of a container or when several small  shipments are transported together, it is known as groupage.Mostly, it is just freight involving one container consisting of two or more shipments where we come together with the other clients and the cost is still considered with respect to the volume. The cost of investment or the expenditures of the acquisition is brought together when at least two providers go for a groupage shipment. On the basis of volume, type, condition and destination, products are  grouped. The products are labelled specifically and in an order to avoid mistakes.

If you have only a few shipments to dispatch and are confused about which service would suit you, don’t worry we are here. Groupage shipment would best suit you and any situation of the sort. The well wrapped package of yours is put in a compartment with several other small packages in the container. It is a best fit as the charges are well shared by the others for stocking up the container as they are too sending small and portable packages.

It is a highly recommended option as it is easier for you to move a box or a couple of them without having to fill up an entire container and there are several advantages in transportation and organising of delivery in case of groupage. Also the fact that we can help both domestic and business clients alike for both massive and simple tasks and delivery of shipments. Additionally, we offer door to door services and delivery which helps you reduce stress and wasting of time.

With monetary benefits and advantages, groupage delivery gives you an opportunity to send cargo to Bangladesh, Canada, Europe, India, Pakistan, the United states and Zambia. Without any hassle, choose to call us up, we will provide you with quotes really quick and all you’d have to do is tell us your requirements and that is how you have booked the best service for your packages which reaches to any place across the globe.


Sending numerous packages or a small package to another country or a specific place along with other packages after consolidating with more than two clients and freighting them through a single container is known as groupage delivery. There are few packages that are sent to places like Guernsey, Ibiza, Jersey and Mallorcain steel trailers in order to have a conventional and efficient approach for grouping and transporting the shipments.

At cargo senders we make it a point to combine a scope of merchandise options like that of making normal pallets and packages into more of single or various pallets in order to have an individual and monetarily efficient and beneficial shipment. The delivery measure, tracking of the package and electronic proof deliveries (POD’s) are always supervised by us.

We at cargo senders provide you with efficient conveyance at affordable price very swiftly as we transport the daily trucks to the warehouses.

We make sure to have enough tail lifts when there are several moderate sized packages for both lifting them up and bringing them back onto ground from the truck. As long as we are informed and booked beforehand, we can manage and organise the assortment and moderate packages on the travel type van but access might be difficult in case of a 7.5 tonne trucks.

We take pride in the very low number of insurance claims that have been claimed as we take our services and customers seriously and when it comes to international vehicles we make sure they are double decked in order to not have the pallets double stacked and keeping them safe and secure.

Our progress in the right direction has always been due to less protection claims and satisfied clients who are constant to our services. Usually the twofold deck means that the beds are not heavily occupied in the international vehicles.

Most of the transfers can be tracked very easily when you contact our customer service of the area of shipment. We will make sure to provide you with an easy way to communicate with the experts of the deliveries and you can have all your doubts and queries answered.

Simply put, it is advisable to use groupage services as it is a swift and reliable method of sending small packages or merchandise. We have had several years of experience in providing hassle free service and our team has a knack for doing things efficiently and with no stress for you.

We have made efforts in making cargo senders as the best service provider after working with thousands of experienced working staff and freight forwarders who have had the expertise. We have the ability to provide a reliable, swift and affordable service for the freight shipment securely. We have been not only well recommended but also trustworthy groupage transportation all over the globe. The help of our hardworking and diligent cargo shipping team, our transportation has been swift and well planned.

  • Groupage transport across both across the UK and the world available round the clock 
  • Our services can be merged if needed be, like the air freight and sea freight
  • The versatility allows us to reach out and employ different transporters
  • The transport being combined with others makes a heavy cut in what you would have to pay as compared to any other service
  • We do not make any false interpretations with the use of automated telephone responses and have an authentic individual deal for every appointment 
  • We try our best to eliminate errors but in case it happens, we rectify them immediately as every step from booking to delivery is dealt by IT systems

Price of Groupage

  • Depending on your necessities, taxes are added.
  • The price is totally dependant on size, weight and time that could be taken for delivery of the pallet.

UK Groupage

  • The organising of date and time can be planned according to your choice, as in flexibility
  •  The complete tracking and offices of tracking and verification of the delivery is easily approachable whenever you want it
  • Your order can be organised effortlessly with the help of an EDI (electronic information interchange), in case of standard transfers
  • Client support is at its best providing their finest information and assistance
  • Key records provided for individual record administrator.

European Groupage

  • Bangladesh, Canada, Europe, India, Pakistan, the United states and Zambia are the nations we provide services to
  • Across the globe, we provide an financial all in one resource for both exporters and shippers with clients and providers 
  • Clients who do constant shipments have flexibility to have winsome volume limits
  • Swift travel times for a single pallet delivery by providing accessing to transport networks
  • The details of you transfer are all collected and given by a standardised identification global positioning syste.

Extra Services

  • Conveyances are moved used tail lifts.
  • You can pay cash on delivery.
  • We stockpile at distribution center and manage freight as well.
  • We provide customs stock.

Dependable Groupage Shipping

We try to make it a point to serve our best and have made great progress and have gotten this far, all with the support of our clients. This is one of the reasons as to why we offer groupage services and they have been well trusted and relied on. We will continue to strive and offer you the best groupage services as well as container shipping in and out of the UK.

Our Specialties

Our organisation is one of the very few organisations which not only provide a limited transportation and cargo services at very affordable prices with the best quality. We have an expertise in 

  • Groupage shipping in and from the UK is done securely.
  • The delivery is done in basic advances.
  • Reliable and swift delivery is assured.
  • We do not delay delivery at all and follow through our commitment.
  • You can track your delivery at any point.
  • We organise enormous cruising plan.