Excess Baggage

Many of us who have traveled using airlines must have certainly encountered a problem related to “excess baggage” where we would have to remove some items from our bags on the spot for maintaining the standard baggage weight standards. In case of shipping more heavier “baggage” like machinery or automobiles, there is no chance to just remove a few items so the whole shipment itself will get canceled. These are situations in which we the Cargo Senders come to the rescue. We have taken special measures and have designed special processes for ensuring a no-stress, damage-free shipment of your heavy baggage. So here some of the details regarding our cargo services for excess baggage.

What Is Excess Baggage?

Every person will be allowed to bring baggage only up to a certain limited weight. In the case of shipping items the limit will be a bit more but is still bounded. This weight limit was mainly introduced because of the extra charge that the cargo service company has to face for transporting the item as every mode of transport can only transport items of a certain weight and also that if ships and airlines carried more weight than which they are built to handle it will lead to catastrophic incidents. In the case of airlines for transportation of the excess baggage, the rates can be up to £26 for every extra kilogram above the weight limit. So it is very important to pay attention to the weight limit of the shipping service. To help you save your wallet we have made our prices for shipping excess baggage very affordable while still including world-class packaging and shipment processes.

What Comes Into Excess Baggage And Where Can We Ship Them To?

In the simplest terms let’s consider excess baggage to be the baggage that you cannot carry by yourself. So while stating the words “excess baggage” all things such as heavy machinery, automobiles, electronic appliances, boxes of any sort, instruments, athletic equipment, heavy suitcases, etc all come under the category of excess baggage. And coming to the part where we can ship baggage to, we are providing shipping services to various countries around the world like India, Europe, Zambia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Canada, Pakistan, the united states of America, and especially all across the united kingdom. All the shipping processes to any country are done in the same manner by following the safety regulations. And not to forget mentioning we also pay incredible attention to the items which are prohibited in certain countries and the shipping process as a whole so there is no worry for the customer of any mishaps.

The Shipping Process

And coming to the most important and curious part for many customers, the details about our shipping process. We have managed to design a perfect, efficient, fool-proof shipping process which is certainly one of the best in the current market of cargo services. We follow a door-to-door sea service which means that we take the item from you, ensure that it is completely legal and packed, and then ship it directly to the receiver via sea route. This is such a process in which the customer literally has no work to do and can happily be confident that their item is shipped safely to the recipient because all the work is completely done by us, the cargo service.

First of all, when the item is received from the customer we make sure it is perfectly packaged as such types of heavy goods/items tend to get damaged very easily. We bubble wrap the total item using tape for it to withstand any rough handling while in shipment and then put the total unit in a box in which it perfectly fits. The package along with all the other packages is then loaded into a cargo ship and is shipped to the receiver’s region via a suitable sea route.

All the stages of the whole process and the stage at which your package is currently can all be available online on our websites. We also have a special tracking feature by which the customer can know the exact location of their package at any instant of time throughout the total shipment process. We will not consider the shipment to be completed until there is confirmation of delivery of the package from both the sender and the receiver which makes it a complete fool-proof procedure so you can put your complete faith in us. In addition to all of this, we also have multilingual professionals available 24/7 in our customer service line who can help you regarding any queries about the process or your package. And coming to the payment process there is no need for customers to stress about paying the whole shipment amount in one go. We offer customers to pay the amount through installments to take the burden off their shoulders. 


As a result of our efficient shipping procedure, there is a very low chance of delays in the shipment process. But in the case of harsh natural conditions, presence of prohibited items in the package, unavailability of accurate addresses of both sender and receiver there will be chances of a slight delay.


Absolutely! Keeping in mind the importance of having correct addresses we at Cargo Senders have developed a special online service known as the Postal Code Finder. In which you can find the exact postal code of your desired address before the beginning of the shipment process itself for avoiding unwanted problems like the shipment to the wrong address.

Normally for faster international shipments, we and many other cargo service companies choose airlines. Even though they are a bit costlier than ships, the number of shipments that can be done in a day will be more in number. But for shipping a large number of heavy items at once using airlines is not preferred, so we use ships for providing better facilities to the customers even though the number of orders that we can do is lesser in number.