Europe Delivery

Send a Parcel to Europe With Low-Cost Parcel Delivery from Cargo Senders

Gone are the days when parcel delivery to Europe would burn a hole in your pocket. With Cargo Senders, you can send any package to Europe from the UK or anywhere with the least possible cost.

We offer quality-optimized shipping to Europe from the UK or anywhere and charge far less than our competitors. Cost-efficiency along with a magnificent customer-centric approach gives us an edge over our competitors.

Speed is our North Star. Get your parcels addressed to Europe delivered within the least possible time with our same-day express delivery, one day, two days, three days or six-day economy delivery. However, sea cargo may take more time to deliver.

UK Parcel Import to Europe and Europe Shipping

Cargo Senders offers the most efficient cargo service from the UK or anywhere to Europe. We offer quality shipping to the countries of the European Union following the regulations post-Brexit.

We offer the most time-efficient service to Europe and we are the engine that beat the clock.

We offer urgent parcel express service from the UK to the EU countries within one day or same-day delivery followed by two-day, three-day and six-day economy delivery.

With our galactic framework of integrated services and a colossal pool of resources worldwide, we offer the most affordable, efficient and accessible cargo service from the UK to the EU strictly adhering to the import-export regulations after Brexit.

Overall Parcel Delivery Tracking

Through Cargo Senders, you will be able to track your package and learn its status and expected delivery period anytime from our website.

After you make the payment, you will get a bundle receipt number from us via email. You have to just enter this number in the reference box of the parcel tracking page of Cargo Senders.

After you enter the number in the reference box, the current status of the parcel along with a detailed timeline showing the past status and expected delivery time and future proceedings will be shown.

Accurate tracking of your parcel is now effortless with Cargo Senders.

Trusted Cargo Senders Service

We realize that with the parcels you send, we’re delivering a bunch of emotions and trust reposed on us by our customers. This makes us take extra care of your parcel addressed to Europe and it will be successfully delivered with minimal to no shipping defects. Your package will be safe and secure in the mother-like hands of Cargo Senders.

We work in partnership with the most renowned service providers like DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, DPD and Parcel Service. We will be able to channel the pros of these global service providers and will be able to offer a magnificent customer-centric cargo service to Europe.

Instructions to Ship Parcels to Europe from the UK with Cargo Senders

With effect from 01.01.2021, the packages that are being shipped to Europe from the UK will be treated on par with parcels shipped from other non-EU countries. This is according to the prevailing trade policies after Brexit.

You’re required to follow the below-listed guidelines to send a parcel from the UK or any non-EU country to any country of the EU:

EU VAT registration is compulsory for any package being shipped to an EU country from any non-EU country including the UK.

Three copies of the commercial invoice along with other export documentation are required.

You’ve to register for the Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) Number that is used to track the movement of goods in the EU countries

One invoice needs to be kept outside the parcel and one inside the parcel for the receiver. The third one is to be kept with the sender.

Customs and duty fee needs to be duly deposited generally by the receiver provided the value of the goods fall above the de minimis.

The invoice will act as the customs declaration

Essential Information For Sending a Package to Europe

You’re expected to follow the below-enumerated instructions while sending a package to any country in the EU:

Things to Keep in Mind While Sending a Package to Europe

Parcel Volume Calculator

The shipping charge of sending cargo to Europe will depend on the volume and weight of the goods that you're going to send. The parcel volume calculator of Cargo Senders will help you figure out the volumetric weight of your package and also the approximate shipping charge.

Restricted Items

Always take extra care to make sure that the package you're sending to Europe does not have any material or parts of the same whose import is restricted by the trade policy of the EU.

Postcode Finder

The free postcode finder of Cargo Senders will help you to find out the correct postal code of the delivery location in Europe. You've to just find the designated location on the map or search for the name of the location and you will get the accurate postal code within no time.