Get Fast And Affordable Drop-off Parcel Delivery Service at Cargo Senders

We understand that our customers are preoccupied with work and may not be able to work peacefully with their package kept out at their doorstep hoping for our agents to collect it. 

It is natural that you might be sceptical about the collection service in your absence and there is nothing wrong in worrying about the security of the package kept in your doorstop. 

To keep pace with such obnoxious circumstances, Cargo Senders offer you a highly flexible drop-off service. You can drop your parcel off at any designated drop-off location near your residence or work area or any terminal point. 

It is worth noting that 90% of the residents of the UK live under the cover of a nearby service point or drop-off location of Cargo Senders. 

These are mostly grocery shops or supermarkets that will be open from around 8 in the morning until late at night and this gives you flexibility. You can even drop your parcel off in these centres when you’re returning from work. 

Moreover, since it doesn’t require any transportation and related services from our end, the drop-off facility will be comparatively cost-competitive. 

Also, you can go with a label or go labelless and drop your parcel off in these centres. We’ll take care of the rest and you may sit back and track your parcel regularly until it reaches the designated location. 

How Does It Function?

Availing of our drop-off service is not an uphill task. Just follow the below-listed steps to avail of the drop-off service of Cargo Senders:

After successfully dropping off the package, you’re advised to regularly track it through our website until you get the confirmation of delivery.  Most of the drop-off service points are open from 8 AM until late at night. Also, 9 out of 10 residents of the UK live in the vicinity of a service centre of Cargo Senders. 

Door To Airport

Door to Airport or simply called DAT is a service given by our company, Cargo Senders where we make sure that your carriage reaches the destined airport or terminal safely and securely. We undertake the responsibility of taking the transportation procedure in our hands from the place where the shipment originates i.e., the sellers door to the purchasers destined airport. In the current times, where time is money, Cargo Senders make sure that not much time is wasted in the shipping of the goods and for that, we make it a point to use the air connections to the fullest. The air freights share in the transportation industry is growing exponentially day by day and minute by minute. This is what the key point of our company is. We offer to our customers a very individualistic approach where we make it a point to cater to the needs of our customers by offering them the flexibility of availing our services.

We make the goods and transportation business easy, efficient and hassle free to our greatest limits by providing our customers the flexibility to customize the transportation of their goods as per their needs and choices. Cargo Senders arranges for all kinds of shipments and that is what makes us the best and fastest growing shipping company in town. Whether its small documents, medium sized packages or large sized, jumbo ones, we make it a point that we deliver the best services to our clients and customers and for that we have made our range so great that it caters to all the needs that our customer might have. Size doesnt matter to us, what matters is that our customers get satisfied and content with availing our services.

As we all know that shipping business is a very serious business, all the documentation and other procedures tend to consume the greatest amount of time as different countries have different trading practices. The smallest of mistakes or the slightest misunderstanding with the shipping and transportation terms can make it a huge deal. Problems such as who is meant to pay air freight, insurance and other claims might arise through this. The goods in such a case suffer as these claims are not easily settled down. So, prevention is always better than cure.

Which Couriers Offer Standard Drop-Off Delivery Services

Cargo Senders work in partnership with the most trusted courier services including DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, DPD and Parcelforce. Among these, all six courier services offer a standard drop-off delivery service.

Opening Times

We despise grand generalization. We understand that everyone has unique issues and unique schedules. Therefore, Cargo Senders enable you to choose a service point, a drop-off centre or a terminal service station that fits your schedule. We value each customer and respect their schedules and their individual aspirations. Therefore, we offer you versatile, dynamic and flexible drop-off services.

Suitable Drop-Off Locations

You may be caught in the hustle-bustle of your daily life while wanting to deliver an international package. In such situations, suitable drop-off locations near your residence or your workplace will be your greatest boon. What are you waiting for? Book a parcel at Cargo Senders and choose your drop-off location today!

Open From 8 AM Until Late, 7 Days Every Week

If you are to describe the drop-off service of Cargo Senders in one word, flexibility will be the best fit. Our drop-off centres are open from around 8 AM until late at night. You can drop your parcel off while commuting. Weekends don’t shake the foundations of commitment to our customers and thus, most of the service points are available throughout the week. Book your international parcel delivery with Cargo Senders and choose a suitable drop-off point now!

Neighbourhood Shops, Nearby Help

Bid farewell to those days where you get stuck in an inescapable labyrinth searching for a service point in a chaotic map. Our service points and drop-off locations are just near your residence or workplace and are mostly retail shops or provisions stores. No more wandering around the city for a service point with Cargo Senders!

Print Label Or Go Nameless!

You can either print and attach the shipping label to your package or go anonymous. We’ll be sending standardized identification through the phone. 

After handing over the package to the retailer at the service point, she will confirm the particulars and attach a label to it. 

Leave the rest to us. Sit back and track your parcel regularly until you get the confirmation of delivery. 


To avail of the drop-off service of Cargo Senders, make sure that your package fits the following limitations:

  • The dimensions of the package should not be more than 60cm x 60cm x 60cm. 
  • The weight of your package shall not exceed 20 Kg.
  • Do not pack any prohibited materials
  • Currently, labelless shipping cannot be availed for global air freight orders.

Adaptable Collection Options

You may be busy with your daily chores but what about your beneficiary? What will you do if the addressee is absent while delivering your parcel? It won’t be a polite move to leave it off at the doorstep or handing it over to a neighbour, right? 

In such situations, Cargo Senders will leave the package off at a nearby service centre of your beneficiary so that she can collect it from there anytime when she’s free. 

This can be done anytime- before the delivery attempt or after an unsuccessful delivery. 

Terminal Drop-Off Locations

It’s not necessary to choose a service point near your home or workplace. We have terminal service centres spread over the UK and you will be able to drop off your parcels at these locations anytime you wish to. 

Since this doesn’t require the service of a collection agent and transportation service, this option is relatively cheap. Book your international delivery at Cargo Senders and drop your parcel off at a terminal station today!

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