DPD Courier Services With Cargo Senders

DPD’s credibility speaks on its own, they have become a cost price courier company that has been offering exceptional service for nearly 45 years, no mean feat in this highly competitive market. Our clients can book a DPD courier to ship the parcel using their 1-2 day drop-off service for United Kingdom deliveries using Cargo Senders. This service also includes a one-hour delivery so the recipient knows when to expect the package.

However, if the parcel is travelling further afield, always consider using one of DPD’s facilities for – 

DPD Air Classic – for international parcel delivery mostly outside of the EU, in 3 to 7 working days.

DPD Europe Classic – delivery to Europe in 3 – 5 working days.

How Does DPD Work?

DPD is an abbreviation for Dynamic Parcel Distribution. The company is committed to providing an adaptable and user-friendly service to its customers. They are market leaders in the pursuit of carbon-neutral parcel delivery, and they are essential to upholding that every parcel delivered by DPD is carbon neutral at an affordable and no additional cost price. 

With DPD parcel collection, our couriers will come to a particular location that you specify to grab a parcel before returning it all to the depot to be resolved and sent on to the receiver. Parcel collection services are in high demand because they allow the sender to go about their business as usual.

Desirable Features With DPD

If you are looking for the best courier services with extra benefits, then DPD services with Cargo senders is what you are looking for! It has some desirable features for you which make it the most reliable courier services all around. 

One Hour Delivery Window

DPD is the first parcel carrier to give consumers a one-hour window for delivery services. Customers who purchase from sellers who transport with DPD will receive a free SMS or email with a one-hour window for which the driver will show up.

Safest Transit System

DPD has the safest and secure transit system. Its security is one of the most important things to be considered. It has a closed transit system that guarantees to provide the safest service and secure facilities so that all the customers can rest easy.

Speedy Shipment

The parcel which you’ve delivered with DPD service might take 1 to 2 business days for UK shipments and in case of international delivery like in the United States, it might take 2 to 4 business days. Select the option of DPD to pick up and then just drop off your package at your very closest DPD pickup shop for UK courier deliveries in just 1 to 2 business days.

Time Change In Shipping

In case, the receiver of the parcel is not available at the moment for picking the parcel and wouldn’t be able to show up, they could select to have the package left in some secure and safe place or can ask the delivery man to leave the parcel in the local DPD pickup store. And this all you can do very quickly via a simple delivery message or text and also by sending an email to them.

Notifications About DPD Parcel Delivery

Live tracking is the best option to self-assure yourself about the security of your parcel, you can track your parcel at every step from the time it is transported. Also, you can have the option of receiving SMS as a delivery notification which is free of charge. Here, you can know where your package has arrived and when it will reach its location. 

Dropping Off The Parcel

You must drop off your package for DPD 1 to 2 days shipment services which are available within the United Kingdom. There are many locations in the United Kingdom named “DPD pickup” which also includes the newsagents and the pharmacist, you can easily get the parcel with you to any one of them that is convenient for you. The several “DPD Pickup” areas have been extended in the hours of operation, however, if you have dropped off your parcel sooner, they are supposed to be shipped faster than the usual ones. You must know that there are only a few DPD pick up points present in the United Kingdom and not all of them accept packages for drop-off. 

Circumstances Under Cargo Senders For Sending A Parcel In DPD Services. 

The upper limit length of the parcel is permitted for shipment in the United Kingdom utilising the services of DPD drop-off is a maximum of 50 cm, and the maximum weight should be 18 kg, the circumference and girth of the parcel should not be more than 210 cm. The time your parcel shows up at the filtering depot, our staff will scan i.e; X-rayed, properly measure and weighed your parcel before shipping. If you’re not sure about the measurements, don’t have the tools to check the dimensions or don’t know how to check your parcel measurements! Use our guidelines for measuring the product and be generous with your estimates.  

Items such as stamps, musical instruments without safe cases, fire extinguishers are prohibited to be delivered through any courier book with Cargo Senders. The rest of the items may be allowed to be sent, but they will not be covered by insurance. Harmful products like glass material, marbles and clocks are among the prohibited items. 

Things To Be Considered Before Dropping Off The Parcel At The DPD Pickup Point.