Door To Airport

Door to Airport or simply called DAT is a service given by our company, Cargo Senders where we make sure that your carriage reaches the destined airport or terminal safely and securely. We undertake the responsibility of taking the transportation procedure in our hands from the place where the shipment originates i.e., the sellers door to the purchasers destined airport. In the current times, where time is money, Cargo Senders make sure that not much time is wasted in the shipping of the goods and for that, we make it a point to use the air connections to the fullest. The air freights share in the transportation industry is growing exponentially day by day and minute by minute. This is what the key point of our company is. We offer to our customers a very individualistic approach where we make it a point to cater to the needs of our customers by offering them the flexibility of availing our services.

We make the goods and transportation business easy, efficient and hassle free to our greatest limits by providing our customers the flexibility to customize the transportation of their goods as per their needs and choices. Cargo Senders arranges for all kinds of shipments and that is what makes us the best and fastest growing shipping company in town. Whether its small documents, medium sized packages or large sized, jumbo ones, we make it a point that we deliver the best services to our clients and customers and for that we have made our range so great that it caters to all the needs that our customer might have. Size doesnt matter to us, what matters is that our customers get satisfied and content with availing our services.

As we all know that shipping business is a very serious business, all the documentation and other procedures tend to consume the greatest amount of time as different countries have different trading practices. The smallest of mistakes or the slightest misunderstanding with the shipping and transportation terms can make it a huge deal. Problems such as who is meant to pay air freight, insurance and other claims might arise through this. The goods in such a case suffer as these claims are not easily settled down. So, prevention is always better than cure.

How Does It Work ?

The most prominent questions asked by the clients are how does the shipping process work at Cargo Senders? What happens behind the scenes? We are here to spill the tea! We take all the necessary details from our clients such as consignment details, the address of the seller and other documents required. Then we organize the transportation of the shipment to the nearest airport facility.

The customers need not worry about the custom clearance as that is done by Cargo Senders on their behalf, if so required. The necessary documentation is circulated around the airport facility and airlines. We also make sure that the flight has taken place safely and securely. The consignor is immediately informed and kept posted about the status of their consignment through all the

stages and they are timely and securely informed that the shipment entrusted to us has finally arrived at the destined and desired location or the purchaser’s airport. The consignor can then inform about the status of the shipment to the consignee who can then check-in and collect the consignment from the arrival airport.


Cargo Senders believe in keeping the shipping process as transparent as possible because we believe that transparency is the greatest key for building a good businessclient relationship and we intend to offer the best to the people on board with us.

Established Network

The various airport and airlines facilities have cooperated with us a lot and through their immense and true cooperation, Cargo Senders have established a well connected network with the different airports in different countries and understand their trading terms and conditions to offer the best possible and top notch services to our clients. We make it our top most priority to make our services available to people at affordable prices or favourable rates as much as possible. We do not and never will compromise with the standards of services which the Cargo Senders offer.

Our well connected network throughout the world makes it easy for the customers to avail the services offered by our company with the greatest range and in different countries. We have always strived to maintain the services in our Door to Airport category to the greatest bench mark. As soon as the consignment is taken from the sellers destination, it is our responsibility from there to take it to the airport and from there to the buyer or purchasers nearest airport. We are always striving our best to make sure that the transportation facilities offered by Cargo Senders remain as smooth, easy and at the same time as hassle free as possible.

Affordable Rates

The only aim of the whole team of Cargo Senders to offer Door to Airport service is to provide top level transportation assistance at affordable and favourable prices while maintaining transparency and a sense of accountability with our clients. Door to Airport services are any shipping companys strong hold and we aim at excelling in that through the support of our clients.

Logistical Assistance

Cargo Senders offer full support and logistical assistance to its customers. We make the terms and conditions truly understandable to our clients. Now, you need not talk or communicate with many people to get your shipments to their desired and destined location. Our Door to Airport services and air freight are handled by the  trained professionals at Cargo Senders. The job is made easy and affordable at Cargo Senders because as we said, time is money.

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