Container Shipping

The current global exchange is built on the movement of so many containers. Cargo Senders has displayed a significant increase in demand from our customer base for both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Container Load (LCL) facilities to different parts of the globe. 

We have successfully determined to provide our customers with a full range of facilities, so they have an exact distribution centre and customs clearance centres available to handle any cargo enquiries to any of the destinations.

At Cargo Senders, we are here to provide you with the first-rate facility at an affordable price to most of the concerns in a variety of places all across the world, which include Zambia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Europe, and the United States, while also taking good care of : 

FCL Shipping

LCL Shipping

Huge Abnormal Roads

Roll-on and Roll-off (Ro/Ro)

Move Your Container In A Faster, Smarter And Safer Manner With Cargo Senders

Cargo Sendershas thoroughly made a real effort to investigate all the aspects of each mode of transportation as well as the various requirements for specified deliveries and locations. We also focus on contributing to competitive container transportation prices. Container enquiry which includes deep seas, FCL, and LCL are very excellent. 

You can be confident that if you use Cargo Sendersfor your remote sea enquiry, you will confront a revitalising, individual, and dedicated customer service attitude that is frequently lacking when trying to manage corporate affiliations. 

Cargo Sendersis known to be one of the global leaders in container delivery and an organization that provides global assistance with some local details. In addition, we also provide a globally integrated network of huge road, rail and sea transportation assets. 

We bring you industry-specific expertise, and whatever container you are about to dispatch and wherever you are transporting it. We are here to provide you with experts and professionals, knowledgeable assistance that is tailored to your company’s specific needs. Our Company’s Services are designed in such a way that it is with our clients in their mind.

Options For Stacking And Shipment

There’s another important factor that certainly affects the cost price that is how you are planning to stack and deliver the large containers. In any case, if you are planning to have an arrangement of FCL (Full Container Load) move or transport then there are almost three alternatives you can rely on for moving your cargo ahead. 

Drop And Fill

We recognize the value and understand the unique occasions that matter to you. If you ever need to give presents to friends and family back home on formal occasions like Diwali, Holi and Eid. We offer you the lowest online expenses to deliver your packages or gifts, safely and efficiently. We make sure that you never forget about your friends and family and give them a slice of your happiness by delivering good wishes at the moment.

Port To Port

We are one of the transport innovators from the United Kingdom. In any case, we get a quick checklist in certain places to guarantee that we correctly do all the things. Cargo Sendersis ideal in class when it comes to delivering with safety and protection because we have currently established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) based on our years of professional experience in the transport industry. 

We had already established a solid delivery network all over the globe which also includes Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Zambia and Bangladesh. We often provide our all services in many countries like Canada, Europe and the United States of America and also we manage our customers and offer them with various forms of assistance to our industrial client’s.

Door To Door Transport

Cargo Senderscontinuously wants to remember the expense and unwavering quality parts for clients in overall and industrial customers in particular, and then we will display to you the most decreased delivery prices for transporting goods via air or seas. In addition, we offer shipping from air to air and sea shipping too at very reasonable rates which you might like. We do the transportation of your overall merchandise, digital items, personal and commercial items. 

Commercial Service

Shipping For Business

Cargo Senders provides bespoke prices and contract rates based on the volume of your consignment and the frequency of your shipment. We make you understand and realize your company requirements and help you find the best price and administration for your necessities. 

Services For Clearance

We handle tonnes of cargo every week through our strengthened storage facility at international airports at various airports in the United Kingdom. Many of these shipments originate in places all across the world including Zambia, Europe, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and the United States. Clothing and accessories are the most common types of selected products that show up for Consolidation. Even when you build or establish weight premises to our combination services, you get benefitted from Low Cargo prices.

Transportation For Container Shipping By Cargo Senders

Sea Freight 

Sea freight, or shipping via container ships, is still by far the least costly method of moving merchandise globally, but it is also the slowest. However, when you are transporting goods in between the parts of the world, you only have a minimal decision to use and deliver your merchandise via container ships. The speed is quite slow, depending on its duration. It could carry anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Provided by the distances involved, this has comparatively less cost. 


Because of its extremely high costs in the entire or full household container moves, airship cargo is the only rarely used container transport. The cost price of air shipping is unquestionably ten times that of a sea delivery. As a result, if you have a few items you ought to bring with you until you arrive in your new country, you could perhaps move them by plane, but it is far more prudent to transfer the weight of your items by a simple boat. It is quite expensive for large transfers but reasonable if only delivering a few boxes.