Cardboard Boxes

As you may have known by now the process of shipping requires a large number of equipment, materials, workers, capital, etc. Even if one of them is not available, it will impact the shipment process in a huge way.

Out of all of them, one of the most basic and important materials that are needed are strong and durable boxes for packaging the items which are supposed to be shipped. Now there are a large number of options like wood, metal, plastic, etc to choose from for deciding which type of boxes to use. But it is scientifically proven that using cardboard boxes is best both for the customer as well as the environment.

Which is the reason why we at Cargo Services have been using only cardboard boxes for most of our shipments worldwide. In this article, you will get to know more about our cardboard services and the number of aspects we take into consideration in the process of packaging for the welfare of our customers.

Why Do We Use Cardboard Boxes?

As mentioned above there are boxes made of several types of materials that are used for various purposes. But out of all of them, cardboard is the material which has the most number of uses and is available in several types as well. Cardboard is also one of the cheapest materials available in the market due to the ease with which it can be manufactured.

As we at Cargo Senders take up a huge number of orders and shipments every day we would have to package a lot of items. And the items are shipped across the world through various modes of transport so we would need a material which was very durable to various conditions, which was allowed in every region of the world and something very affordable as well, and the material which satisfied all the needs was cardboard.

Cardboard is also known for its biodegradable nature which makes it eco-friendly and reusable as well. By the usage of such materials which are very economical the prices of shipments can also be lowered by a great extent which will be a huge advantage to the customers and the company as well. So due to all the above reasons, we have decided to make cardboard one of the primary materials we use for shipments and packaging.

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Another feature of cardboard is that it is available in a vast range of variations for being used in any type of shipment and process. For shipping, there are mainly two types: the single wall cardboard and the twofold wall cardboard.

The single wall cardboard is the basic type of cardboard that is most commonly used for general stock and dispatch packaging and can bear weights up to around 10 kilograms. And the twofold wall cardboard is most used for more hardcore applications and rough usage as it can bear weights up to 30 kilograms.

Besides using cardboard for shipments we also have a service that delivers various types of cardboard boxes directly to your doorsteps. Here are some of the types of cardboard boxes we deliver:

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Triple Wall Cardboard boxes

Long Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes with lid

Shipping boxes

Pallet Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes

Archive Storage Boxes

Bottle Packaging

Foam Lined Boxes

Postal Boxes

Courier Packaging

Corrugated Cardboard

Small Boxes

Boxes for Moving Houses

Anti-Static Boxes

UN Approved Packaging

All of these cardboards are available for both shipments as well as deliveries in bulk. Generally in the UK, the availability of all types of cardboards in one single place is not that common, and that is what makes our company unique. And as cardboard is reusable customers will not have a problem putting a hole in their wallets for buying boxes.

The Delivery Process

Now coming to the delivery process of the cardboard boxes. One of the common doubts that customers generally have is whether there will be any cancellation of orders due to the unavailability of the required number of boxes.

We at Cargo Senders always have an up-to-date record of all the orders that have to be completed and the number of boxes we have so there is no chance of the cancellation of orders due to lack of materials. And also we make sure that we always have a gigantic amount of stock available so that customers of both our cargo services as well as delivery services will never have to compromise.

In addition to this, we guarantee customers of a single day or same-day delivery so that customers can be fully confident that they will get the delivery within 48 hours after the order has been placed. And just like our shipments, our deliveries can also be constantly tracked by customers to know exactly how much of the process has been completed. We have also created a special helpline for the customers of our delivery services to which they can contact to in case of any queries of our service or their order status.


Up to which stage can we reuse the cardboard?

Cardboard is available in several types each having different features and are used for different purposes. In the case of twofold wall cardboard, as it is designed for rough handling it can be reused many times whereas single wall cardboard may be used only twice or thrice depending on its condition. In simpler terms up to the stage at which the cardboard displays unnatural characteristics like becoming soggy, developing wrinkles throughout the surface, etc it is ok to reuse it.

Are there any precautions we have to take while using cardboard boxes?

Again the precautions also depend mostly on the type of cardboard that you are using. But in general terms, there are not many precautions that one may take while using cardboard boxes as they are 100% recyclable, blunt, and resistant to electricity as well. But if we had to suggest a precaution it would be to not store the boxes outdoors as they might get soggy and may even shade due to the presence of humidity, water, excess heat, snow, etc.