Canada Delivery

Cargo Senders offers the best cargo service from the UK or anywhere in the world to Canada. We undertake the responsibility of sending goods to Canada at the least possible cost in the least possible time.

We are also a budget-friendly cargo service that will aid you in sending goods to Canada at an affordable price. Left or right, we’re always right.

Quality is our trademark. We understand that every good that you entrust us is backed by a bunch of emotions and thus, we will deliver it with utmost care. You needn’t worry about any kind of shipping defects as your goods are in the safe hands of Cargo Senders.

We always strive to our fullest to satisfy our customer’s aspirations. We adopt a customer-first policy where everything else takes precedence over the hankering of our customers.

With our formidable framework of integrated services and a gigantic pool of resources spread all over the world, we provide you with quality cargo service to Canada.

What Items Can You Send?

You can send any items to Canada other than those whose import is restricted by the trade policy orders issued from time to time by the Government of Canada. 

What We Offer

We will offer you a hassle-free delivery service from the UK or anywhere in the world to Canada. We are known for our expertise in the field of cargo shipping and your package will reach the destination in Canada within the least possible time.

Speed is our North Star. We strive to our fullest to beat the clock and have your goods delivered faster than the service offered by our competitors.

We offer formidable customer service. We always adopt a customer-first policy where the needs and requirements of each and every customer is personally catered to. We utilize their interests and invest them in enhancing our services further.

We always ensure that your package is not affected by any kind of shipping defects. We take special care that the quality during delivery is as same as the quality of the package during dispatch.

We also offer a commendable tracking mechanism through our website. You just have to enter the bundle reference number that you’ll receive via email on the reference box on the tracking page. After entering the same, you’ll receive the present status of your package along with the past situation and expected delivery time.

How to Use The Services of Cargo Senders to

Deliver Goods to Canada?

You can easily get access to the magnificent and customer-centric services of Cargo Senders by following three simple steps.

Sending Parcel

Fill the booking form given on our website or call us to request a quote and make the payment. .

Drop-off/ Collection

We'll take your parcel from your door if you've opted for a door to door/port/airport service. Otherwise, you have to bring the package to the designated dispatch location

Have it Delivered

Your parcel will be delivered to Canada within the least possible time. You're also recommended to monitor your parcel regularly with the help of our sophisticated tracking mechanism.

Best Rate For Sending Parcel to Canada

We offer the most affordable cargo service to Canada from the UK or anywhere in the world. The amount we charge will always be in sync with your budget line. The cost of shipping that we charge from you is much lower than other cargo companies and this gives us an upper hand over our worthy competitors. Nonetheless, the shipping charges will be proportional to the volume and weight of the package you send.

Essential Information For Sending a Package to Canada


Take special care to ensure that you do not pack any material that is restricted by the trade policy orders issued by the Government of Canada.


You’re expected to keep the receipt issued by Cargo Senders on making your payment with other related documents while sending off your package to Canada


If you encounter any leftover space after placing the articles in the packing medium, make sure that you fill the gap using bubble pads, clothes or newspaper shreds.


Keep electronic devices packed under an additional protective layer. Also, avoid packing gadgets such as laptops in softboxes.


If you’re packing delicate materials, always use packing materials equivalent to two times its volume.


You’re expected to judiciously pack your materials keeping in mind the weight of the same.


Keep materials such as chocolates that are vulnerable to shipping damages in a wooden box.


Make sure that packing and stuffing materials like bubble wrap are not seen outwardly or placed outside the box.


The customs declaration shall contain the full contact details of the sender as well as the addressee along with the true details of the package.


The name, address and contact details of the sender and the receiver along with the correct postal code needs to be clearly mentioned on the address label.


The address label may be protected using an additional cover of plastic or polythene. You may also have an extra address label to make up for the inconvenience caused if the primary address label gets damaged.


Regularly track your cargo until it’s delivered

Things to Keep in Mind While Sending a Package to Canada

Postcode Finder

The postcode finder of Cargo Senders will help you figure out the correct postal code of any location in Canada. You just have to find out the location in the map or search for the location's name and the tool will show the postal code of the region.

Parcel Volume Calculator

The parcel volume calculator of Cargo Senders will aid you in calculating the volumetric weight of your cargo that determines the shipping charges.

Restricted Items

Please do not send any materials or parts thereof whose import is prohibited by the competent authority in Canada.