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Stabilizing the Supply Chain with Air Freight Forwarding from Cargo Senders

Freight in general is a huge deal. Not only in terms of quantity of what is being carried but in terms of transport, services and quality of service as well. And we, here at Cargo Senders, would love to help you with all that is there to freight. Your air freight exports are in safe hands as we give it to all crucial UK terminals. Given the developed and globalised markets of the times, you will need a freight forwarder who found their footing and knows where their requests come from and their way around countries like Zambia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the United States, Canada and Europe. Not just knowing the requests but also being able to carry out the shipping with utmost care, guarantee and in the least time possible despite the conditions. And as someone who can promise all of the things mentioned, we at Cargo Senders are here to help. We work with the finest of transporters and plan the leading and notable courses in order to ensure and benefit your design. We would choose how quick the conveyance reaches its destination with versatile air shipping items and security according to your requirements. Transport management, consistency, customs and desk work, all of them are monitored and managed by our air freight experts who make sure everything takes place swiftly through the supply network. Depending on the client’s times of travel, time of stay and other requirements, we alter the shipments.

We also provide door to door shipment to anywhere in the world and all we need is the to and from addresses and time to get your package with a single point of contact. We will reach the destination way ahead of the cut off time and you can rely on us to have the most versatile and swift freight forwarding. To assure you and keep your doubts at bay, we have been authorised as a cargo specialist by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and have had expertise in air freight for years now. We also have the authority to safely carry packages or items that are considered dangerous and we do it with utmost care by adhering to rules and guidelines as we have signed up with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) dangerous goods regulated agent. When we choose our courses, terminals, both in the UK and abroad, time taken to reach the destination or the financial plan for our clients, we make sure that it suits the client well and meets all their demands and necessities. At Cargo Senders, we make sure that our claims are just as real and that our clients have a right to supervise the shipment as much as they have to place an order or demand cites, which is why we provide real time data on their cargo whenever they request it. We offer free and quick clearances as we intercommunicate with the UK customs alongside working with an aircraft organisation and avail an opportunity to have a wide range of air freight customs clearance services along with examinations, documentation and final clearance.


Arriving at remote locations

Are you new to shipping? The whole concept could be overwhelming but Cargo Senders is here to help you figure it out. We are an independent freight forwarding organisation in the UK. We have expertise, best transportation, well recognised, safe and on time services are our fortes.

Why Choose Cargo Senders?

Elevated Standard Transport

We chose to share our well made and reliable strategies and offer assistance to several organizations, irrespective of their size, all across the UK and Zambia, Bangladesh, India Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the United States, Canada and Europe.

Same Day Delivery

We find it very important to fulfil the requests of our clients when it comes to delivery, be it the same day or additional special loads, we will provide you what you ask for

Consumer Loyalty

It is very important to us that our clients are satiated with the services with regards to safety, security, rates and on time delivery, your opinions matter to us and your comfort is our priority


 With involving ourselves in this field and conveying wide range cargo for years now, we have enough expertise to guide and offer you best logistic answer when it comes to conveyance and transport requirements depending on what you need to move or convey

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