When heavy or light freight is being sent from one location to another, find us, at cargo senders and we will be your company and guide in making a safe and secure shipping through air freight. We make special arrangements at important UK terminals in order to ship your air freight exports.

Present-day scenario makes it important for freight forwarding services to stay on their toes, know all kinds of arrangements that need to be done for the freight and several other matters in order to keep up. And cargo senders provide exactly that and more. We provide air freight services to Bangladesh, Canada, Europe, India, Pakistan, the United states and Zambia and several other countries with no hassle. We also make sure that it is done swiftly, where you can rely on us and our services along with a sense of security and guarantee despite the external or internal conditions.

We can assure you that we are what you need to remove the last of your doubts and provide the services you need for the cargo, no matter what the size. We choose our transporters wisely and also that they have had expertise, are well known to the world and someone who is willing to make plans according to what you would need. Offering services that would be secured, reach quickly and manage your items to match your necessities is what we prioritise.

Freight experts at cargo senders leave no space for doubts or worries and will give their hundred percent to manage transport, customs and all the paperwork within no time. We make the plans according to your travel times, when you plan on receiving or on spending time.

We provide door to door services in order to offer one purpose of contact for your requirements anywhere in the world. Authorised and given off as a cargo specialist by International Air Transport Association (IATA) also guarantees you that we can make deliveries within a given time or much less and that we have had years of experience and have been experts, with time and efforts.

We have also been declared as a Dangerous Goods Regulated Agent by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) meaning that we can carry and safely transport dangerous/ risky goods by adhering to the rules and safety measures laid out. Not only bagging significant UK’s significant terminals but also providing assortment and swift deliveries, best courses to travel, times convenient to you, monetary plans and all of your necessities are looked into before we make a commitment to provide the best services.

Being clients comes with more responsibilities and we understand you which is why we provide you with real time data, cites sources and location of your shipment at any point of time. Working closely withUk customs and also cooperating with them for the aircraft works, we have a fortunate advantage of clearance of customs, documentation, examination and final clearance being quicker and easier comparatively.

Stabilize Your Supply Chain with Air Freight Forwarding from Cargo Senders

All Items Include


Various alternatives offered along with door to door services.


Cargo insurance that is optional.


Lead times that are distinguished.


Customs brokerage that is not compulsory.


Transparency, end to end visibility.

All Items Include


Order information at real time.


Information given just on online request.


Capacity and warehousing information provided.


Custom clearance made easy and quick.


Declared as cargo specialist by International Air Transport Association (IATA).

New to shipping?

Worry not. We got you. Want to send merchandise and cargo to different places?  Let us know, and we will provide you with information and also quotes as soon as possible, guide you with moving forward and setting new milestones for you and your strategies.

Cargo senders are an independent organisation with years of experience and expertise in the field of freight forwarding, be it air, sea or road, we are reliable, swift and trustworthy. With great standing in the market and up to date plans and financial plans we are everything you will need. That and our staff is very efficient along with our experts and we offer pre eminent work and quality.

Why choose the Cargo Senders?

Consumer Loyalty

Our logistics are custom made and are of certain standards along with delivering conveyances on time. We promise that your package is in safe hands, reliable, swift and trustworthy at the right price.

Same Day Delivery

We offer a wide range of services and this happens to be most helpful to several clients and depending on your necessities we will make it our goal to have the conveyance at your doorstep on whatever time or load you decide.


We have been in the market and field, dealt with several shipments for a long time and have made efforts and strategies in such a way that we offer you foremost services with arrangements that go well with what you ask for and your prerequisites, whatsoever has to moved.

Elevated Standard Transport

Being the leading, strategic guidance for several other organisation, we make sure to provide our services and assistance to countries such as Bangladesh, Canada, Europe, India, Pakistan, the United states and Zambia.

Import, Export, Customs– We Got You Covered

  • Our offices everywhere make sure to provide you with import and fare of air freight services along with the customs clearance and transport organisation
  • Incomparable experience in the techniques of import and export
  • With so much of association with all the work, our staff is experienced and is habituated to shipping and taking care of hazardous goods following the guidelines
  • Being a CAA Security Validated Agent, we are approved by authorities as a cargo specialists concerning flight security objectives