Who Are We?

We are an international cargo company based in the United Kingdom. Even though the world is being reduced into a global village, we get familiarized with its vastness once we try to send goods from one place to another. Cargo Senders, therefore, attempts to blur this veil of vastness, transcending both the time and the space to deliver your goods to any location in the World Map within the least possible time and the least possible cost.

Quality is embedded in our blood cells. There’s no compromise with it. The goods we deliver will be of the same quantity and quality as it was while packing and dispatching. With our regular quality check measures, constant innovation and facilities offered like tracking of products and packing guidelines, we make sure that every product gets delivered with minimal to no loss of quality.

Innovation is our Pole Star. Day by day, we try to understand and realize the problems and priorities of our clients and develop novel methodologies to deliver the goods with immense pleasure and utmost sincerity. We are working tirelessly for the satisfaction of our customers and we get in touch with each and every client that gives us an advantage over our competitors.

With our colossal cobweb of resources spread all over the world, we strive for quality improvement and better customer satisfaction every day.

We make sure that each and every customer is satisfied with our services. The galactic framework of integrated services further confers us an upper hand over other equivalent service providers. They may be equivalent but they can’t be equal!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to satiate the inadequacies of the present world- the globalized world in terms of delivery of goods over any distance- big or small.

Anyone can deliver goods from one location to another but it requires expertise acquired over a lifetime to deliver them with immense care with the same quality it had when it was packed and dispatched. Therefore, our mission is to deliver such goods with minimal to no quality loss.

We realize that we’re not only transporting certain goods but we’re taking with us a bunch of emotions and confidence reposed on us. Our mission is to safeguard this element of confidence and to deliver the goods to the right place at the right time.

Our vision is to put in all our efforts supplemented by a locus of our worldwide resources and the gigantic framework of integrated and systematic services to enhance our service quality and reduce the mean time required to transport goods from one location to another with minimal to no quality loss.

We aspire to build stronger relationships with our customers every day to get to know about their problems and their aspirations and strive to utilize them to develop our services further. Hence, our vision is to be a cargo company that is woven around our customers and their happiness and satisfaction.

Our Vission

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Our Standards of Service

Door to Door Services

Door to Airport

Door to Port

Airport to Airport

Port to Port

Sea to Sea

Large choice of courier services

We offer drop-off, collection and pallet services. In addition to that, we’ve sophisticated delivery mechanisms spread over the entire globe including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zambia, UK, USA, Canada, Europe and other international regions.

Delivering the goods at the right place at the right time is our priority. Supplemented by constant quality checks, incessant innovations and customer support; your goods are in our safe hands. Along with quality-consciousness and rapid delivery speed, we’re also known for the cheap service charges. In contrast to our competitors, we charge a much lower sum for all our services.

Our Standards of Service

If you’re thinking that hiring a cargo company will be nothing less than a daylight robbery, then you may be wrong! We strive to our fullest to make sure that we charge a reasonable cost much lower than those charged by our competitors.

We’re known for our all-UK delivery service characterized by our speed, quality consciousness, cost competitiveness and efficiency. We deliver goods across the United Kingdom within no time. Be it be on-road shipping or air shipping, we are the best. We also have our extensive services connected to all major ports of UK and we will offer you the fastest, most reliable and efficient delivery.

Across the UK, we also offer one-day delivery, three-day delivery and weekend delivery options. If you want to deliver a really urgent package, simply opt for our express delivery and you will get your package delivered within twenty-four hours!

Other Services

We handle heavy parcels, containers, groupage, boxes, industrial machinery, barrels, chocolates, kitchen appliances, etc. We are known for our delivery quality, delivery speed, customer satisfaction and worldwide delivery capacity.

We also provide real-time, precise and accurate tools for calculating the delivery charges and related particulars. Moreover, we also offer a sophisticated postcode finder, parcel volume calculator, label and commercial printer and a delivery tracker famed for its accuracy.

We Provide More

We’re known for our efficient delivery of goods over the air and ocean. Even though the sea freight may take a couple of days to reach the destination, the package reaches the target point at a very rapid pace via air.

We deliver packages over the sea to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Europe, the USA and Canada. However, packages can be delivered via air to any urban area that has air terminals.

We’re constantly researching on improving our delivery speed and reducing the delivery cost in sync with the needs, aspirations and priority of our customers. We’re also aiming at enhancing our customer relations and understanding each of their priorities to develop our services further. 

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