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Take the advantage of our fastest delivery from Shipper’s Door to Consignee’s Door through Air Cargo or Sea Cargo.

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World leading Air Cargo Service provided by Cargo Senders with Global coverage. Book your consignment now for fastest shipment.

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Ship your products with the safest and fastest delivery network with Cargo Senders. From small parcel to heavy items, we got you covered.

Who Are We?

Hello customers! Welcome to the official online website of one of the best cargo shipping and courier delivery services in the UK. Many of you must have experienced problems like delays, inability to track your item, excessive charges, very slow website, improper helpline service, etc while trying to ship items with the help of cargo service companies. Here is the solution to all your problems: “Cargo Senders”.Here you will find a user-friendly, sophisticated and elegant website interface to access and know details about all the features and services that we offer. Further in this article, you will get a small briefing about the visuals of our interface, features, and services that are available and a few important details about our company.


Cargo Senders have taken major care in designing our website. We have made sure that it is designed in such a way that customers have no problem whatsoever regarding the interface. As soon as customers visit our homepage they get a clear picture of our organization and the importance we give to our customers.

Our interface consists of mainly 3 colors to avoid unnecessary jazz to the site and has been designed in such a way that the time taken by the site to load is minimal. In addition to these the font size of the text used for the website and their color as well have been chosen such that customers of any age group can easily read them without any difficulty. Now here are some of the details about the accessibility that customers will have while on the homepage.

Our Core Values

For a company providing services to the public to be trusted and consistent, it should have certain values and ethics, without which it will surely deplete eventually. Being one of the best cargo services in the UK it is no surprise that we also have certain values which we do not ignore at any cost. We are the type of company that does not view these services as a business but instead views it as an opportunity to help our customers. We take extra care in ensuring that every single issue that customers encounter while using our services has been tackled and that customers get 100% satisfaction for the money they “invest” into our services. To assure customers of the services we also provide regularly updated stats on our homepage regarding various aspects like the number of packages delivered by us, the number of kilometers of the distance our carriers travel every year, the number of tons of goods we delivered, and the number of clients we have satisfied.


As you may have known by now we at Cargo Senders provide customers services of various kinds from sending chocolates to the airport to airport shipping. It may become hard for customers to keep in mind all the services we provide so we have made a small section on the website homepage with the pictorial representations of all the services we provide for customers to understand more about our company by a single glance.

Secure Shipping

Gift Delivery

Air Shipping

Door to Door Delivery

Package & Storage

Sending Parcel


The question we ask ourselves the most is why customers should choose us over others. When a company has the answer to this question they will have no problem excelling in the bunch of other companies, which is exactly what happened to us. We are proud to say that out of all the other cargo services functioning presently in the UK, we are the most reliable and trustworthy company. Out of all the shipments that we have done over the years there has not been at least one customer who has remained unsatisfied with our services. We are a completely authentic company and always strive to provide customers the details of every step of their shipment.

You won’t need to worry about us leaving you in the middle of difficulty because we provide customers a guarantee of being with them till their shipment has been completely successful. And not only in terms of our cargo services, but we also ensure that customers have a great experience using our services by providing them a 24/7 online website as well as a helpline for contacting us for queries of any sort. And these are just some of the reasons why choosing us will be the best decision you have ever made.


So first of all as soon as you enter our website’s homepage you will find various buttons and menus at the top. There will be three buttons at the top-most part of the homepage named “Booking Form”,” Customer Login”, and “Tracking order”. For shipping an item using our services you will have to log in with your account by clicking the Customer Login button. The remaining two are related to your shipment. For further details about the two, you can click on them and will have a clear description inside. Right below those buttons, there will be several drop-down menus titled “About us”, “Cargo services”,” Services” etc. When you hover your pointer over the various other options related to those respective menus will be visible to you.

All of them have been named very basically so customers will know exactly what they’re used for and where they will redirect them to. Scrolling down a bit, you will find buttons named “Send UK Parcel Delivery”,” Send internationally”,” Worldwide delivery” etc. For getting quotes about any one of those deliveries you can simply click on your desired one and fill up the required details in the spaces given. Further down you will find descriptions about various things like the process of sending a parcel, why customers should choose us, our core values, our services and couriers we work with, FAQs, and popular areas in Europe and around the world that we deliver items to the most. And at the bottom of the page, you will find quick links for various services and also basic contact details of our company like address, phone number, etc.

Get Every Answer From Here

Cargo Senders can save your time by providing quickest processing. We also helps you save your cost and efforts by comparing and sending your parcel with reliable cargo or shipments.

Yes,  Cargo Senders provide packaging materials like Cardboard Boxes, Sack Bag, wooden cases etc. Cardboard box will be charged extra £5 that can easily hold weight of 25 to 30kg. Sack Bag will cost £3 that can easily carry 25kg.

We provide the digital convenience for our users, you can book your parcel online. Measure your parcel and fill the details in Quote Form, we will quote you the best affordable prices, book and print your label, pay online or on collection, drop-off your parcel or wait for door pick-up and finally track your parcel.

There are few items that are restricted or can not be shipped. Items like currency, drugs and narcotics, firearms, ammunition, Corpses of any kind, Animal fur/organs etc. are illegal or can not be shipped. To know more about restricted items click here.

Couriers We Work With

Here customers will get complete info about the different courier brands we work with worldwide for completing shipments. This is mainly done for notifying our customers about the companies that are involved in their shipments and so that they get a clear picture of the safety measures we take for our shipments like working with only highly reputed and trusted brands that people have put their faith in for decades.

Large choice of courier services

We offer drop-off, collection and pallet services. In addition to that, we’ve sophisticated delivery mechanisms spread over the entire globe including Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zambia, UK, USA, Canada, Europe and other international regions.

Delivering the goods at the right place at the right time is our priority. Supplemented by constant quality checks, incessant innovations and customer support; your goods are in our safe hands. Along with quality-consciousness and rapid delivery speed, we’re also known for the cheap service charges. In contrast to our competitors, we charge a much lower sum for all our services.

How it works

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